Your True Nature

Your True Nature is Wholeness!! Period! Our Daily Reiki Practice Connects Us To This Truth
Inspired after teaching Reiki II this past weekend as we delved into the symbols — gifts from Usui — almost like each symbol representing foot steps on his Kurama journey — leading us to liberation — so that whatever our circumstance we can reconnect to our center and KNOW that we are whole as are all those that we are concerned about!
The Kanji Reiki symbol in itself describes this — REI KI — REI being ‘only divine light from the highest source’
KI being ‘moves through the body (and all of matter) radiating through’
In essence you are ,as is all of life, radiating with the pure chi, pure prana, pure consciousness —
if you feel disconnected from this truth I highly suggest reconnecting to your daily reiki, yoga, meditation practice — if you are doing your practice and are struggling, I highly suggest receiving a treatment from someone else, and being a re attuned, (whether with me or others) and then re committing and renewing your daily practice — with all that is occurring in our World — it really is no longer in option — give yourself and your world this daily gift <3
Eleonore Koury | Kampalpriya Kaur
Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist | Certified Kundalini Yoga & Restorative Yoga Instructor | Spiritual & Life Coach
Empowering individuals & groups with life enriching technologies, practices & retreats


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Reiki Self Treatment Benefits

Recently I posted on our Reiki communities private facebook page an inquiry on how everyone was benefiting from their self treatments.

What I heard back was heart warming and so affirming of the powerful benefits of consistent Reiki self treatment. I was so impacted I felt it needed to be shared outside of our community to which our practitioners agreed to.

Here is the post conversation thread, enjoy:

Hi beautiful Reiki beams — I’d love to hear from those that are doing self treatment regularly or daily and how that has benefited you and your life??? <3

Sally – I have been doing Soul work and releasing many issues that I had not even recognized as issues.🙌💐🐾🐾

Eleonore Koury You mean this is a result of your daily reiki practice?
Sally –  Yes. I do about 30-45 min in the morning. I work mainly on the Hara. I have been studying the symbol mantras you gave us last  summer

Deborah – I do self Reiki on a daily basis for between 30 and 60 minutes. I could go on and on about how it has benefitted me in various ways, but I think the main thing is helping me to eliminate a great deal of stress and anxiety from my life. feel very grounded and relaxed and in control after a session. It is also helping me let go of some past issues. And I can do this myself. I do not need to depend on an intermediary. 👐🏼

Eleonore Koury – I love this !!! Thank you for sharing your experience 🙏🙏

Lynette – I have never been able to maintain a daily meditation practice before Reiki was involved. Now my body craves it. You know how your mouth feels gross in the morning until you brush your teeth? That’s now my ‘energy’ feels until I can meditate and do Reiki self treatment. I feel cleaner and bigger afterwards. 🙂

Eleonore Koury Lynette what an amazingly awesome description!! looove this!! and love hearing how it was Reiki that finally supported your regular practice <3

Amanda – I have a 2 year old so for me I’m really getting to that place of balance for my daily rituals. I have been doing my morning ritual in her presence and found that by saying the principals out loud in English and Japanese as a meditation has helped me embody Reiki as my way of living, which has brought so much compassion and patience in to my days. Then I use the mantras with yoga movement and power symbol followed by a bit of meditation, chanting the symbols while drawing on my hands, then breathing in the symbol to my Hara and breathing out each symbol imagining them permeating my entire being for about 5-10 minutes feeling reiki circulating and pulsing throughout. I suppose this is my self treatment at the moment. I feel so much more vibrant, grounded and at ease after this morning ritual and I love including my daughter. My goal is to make time in the evenings for in depth meditation and extended self treatment without distractions.

Eleonore Koury I got chills reading your description — I could feel the energy moving through your biofield!! and so love hearing how you include your daughter!! 🙂

Amanda – Thank you Eleonore. It has been a challenge for me to find this morning ritual in my daily practice having it is incredible for me.

Jillian –  I do little bits here and there all the time. Any amount. When I dedicate times, I have been enjoying the podcasts recently. But I definitely gravitate to choku rei, a must to keep me grounded. I also have been working on my other symbols in preparation for the next class. And am doing some reading while on vacation.
I feel like it had helped me slow down, instead of always reacting. Definitely more present in my day when I can do a dedicated session. I also use it with intermittent anxieties, which is very helpful.

Eleonore Koury So glad to hear podcasts have been helpful!! And reading
Yes choku rei is great for grounding 😊 Have u seen the newest image of it shared by Fabiana Vidal it’s great for an image of grounding reiki in our bodies and biofield

Jillian – Oh yeah, have that one saved to my phone

Hilda – I have been practicing self reiki on a daily basis for since I hVe. Been back from our Maui retreat/ training. Mainly using Chokurei, rage mental emotional Sei He Ki symbol, the master symbol and on some days I have incorporated meditating on the symbol by slow moving yoga. Feels awesome! This Reiki self practice has helped me and my family on so many levels. Been with numerous stressful situations in my personal life and I do not know how would have been doing without my practice.

Eleonore Koury Got chills reading this Hilda Sinanian 💜 so beautiful to hear the benefits both of yiur daily practice and the positive benefits from our maui retreat!! that your experience in maui continues to supports you through great challenges gives me more reason to keep offering maui trainings/retreats! thank u for your courage and persistance!! that is in fact your hawaiian name isnt it? warrior something? from both yako and the woman the year bedore? sending aloha reiki love 🌺🙌

Hilda – 🙂 Kama is my Hawaiian name🌸🌺🌸🙏🙏

Zepure – I released my shoulders & neck pain
Eleonore Koury Yey!!! 💜😊

Fabiana – Calming & centering! 🙏🏼🕉🙌🏼💖
Eleonore Koury Yes yes!! 💜😊

Jeanne – I have a “run” of self treatment and sending to others, then I go in other directions of planetary healing and balance, then I come back through the revolving door of Reiki. Thank you for your interest.

Deborah – I also need to second what Lynette said. I have always had a difficult time with meditation, but Rieki helps me to get in the zone and be able to meditate. It is such a wonderful thing. The more people who get on board the Rieki train, the better the world will be.

Eleonore Koury I soooo agree on that Deborah Dalesandro the more people on the reiki train the lighter and freer our world 🙂 it certainly my vision and mission with Reiki Unleashed and was Usui’s vision — that reiki would help heal humanity and the world <3

Lynette – Yes!

Parijat –I try my best to do self treatment almost everyday. I feel I need to since I’m in remission. Sometimes….. maybe it’s 5 times a week, when I’m lazy or stressed from work.
I feel very balanced and “safe” after my Reiki ritual. In the mornings before I leave the house I draw the symbols and send it to my son and husband, and for myself…..I draw an imaginary box and I feel sheltered as if I’m in a cocoon. Weird … but that’s how I feel!

What more can be expressed about the immense benefits of a consistent Reiki self treatment.  I believe the above speaks for itself.  If you are struggeling with your practice, I highly recommend reconnecting with your teacher, getting a tune up, re attunement or attending a training.  It can also be as simple as reconnecting with your class notes, manual or audio self treatment accompaniment.  Reiki truly is the gift that keeps on giving — but it requires our consistent connection to truly experience its boundless benefits.


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Sanju Kannon & the Mental Emotional Symbol

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In our last Reiki Tune Up, Reiki Unleashed practitioners delved  deeper into the connection with the Grace of Reiki and the ever present support of the Bhoddisatvas associated with this ancient practice. Usui passed on the mental emotional symbol to … Continue reading

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Usui Reiki’s Origins, Beyond Hands On

The treasured city of Kyoto, Japan houses over 2000 temples, with Kuramayama one of its sacred mountain temples.  With numerous shrines to various deities, bhoddhisatvas and buddhist teachings, devotional living and mindfulness appears to be in the very fabric of life.

Syncrhoisity and a desire to pilgrimage to the Origins of Usui Reiki took me to Kyoto, Japan in the blooming season of the Cherry Blossoms.  Exploring the culture and journeying to the various temples,  forests, and parks I felt such deep reverence as I witnessed and experienced a culture living the very essence of Mikao Usuis 5 Reiki principles, particularly the 5th: practicing kindness and compassion.  The people of Kyoto, Japan are some of the kindest individuals I’ve ever experienced, so willing to assist a tourist with such limited Japanese language.  For a dense city I was amazed by the cleanliness, the refined, incredibly pleasant, public transportation system, and the fact that the majority of residents don’t lock their bikes. I was told these behaviors were reflective of a culture that was keenly aware of Karma, putting Buddhist principles into daily practice.

It is said that Tendai Buddhism is the foundation of Mikao Usuis Buddhist practice.  This sect of Buddhism is based in the belief that freedom from suffering, enlightened awareness, and Dharmic living is inherent in all of life. Whereas many Buddhist teachings originally cultivated a devoted practitioner renouncing all worldly desires and acquisitions, Tendai Buddhism embraces all senses, society and worldly affairs as intrinsically Dharmic.

This very much relates to and exemplifies Usui’s Reiki System. Often when one hears the word Reiki the concept engenders an idea of hands on healing. Hands on application of Reiki is Usuis greatest gift to the world, in which countless individuals have gained numerous benefits, yet this is only one aspect of his system.

Usui’s primary intention was to support others in finding freedom from suffering, discovering a life of deep peace, joy and happiness. His intention in creating his Reiki system was to provide a pathway through a set of tools that enabled individuals to live fully engaged in society, with a deep sense of freedom and purpose, whatever their profession.

Usui saw so many of his clients seek his hands on treatments, relieved of their ailment, only to return with the same condition. He recognized that it was the individuals lifestyle and perception, rather than their condition, that was the issue.  Hence he gave his students and clients the 5 Reiki Principles to be recited daily and applied in day to day life.

Just for Today:
Do not Anger
Do not Worry
Be Grateful
Devote yourself to your duties, your practice, your path
Be kind and compassionate to others and to yourself
Mikao Usui  developed his natural system of healing, not only for the physical body, but also for the mind and spirit. He told his students anyone could acquire this gift as its inherent to all humans. He taught that a ‘dedicated’ practitioner could heal themselves and share this gift with others. He emphasized that though Reiki itself required no effort, no knowledge, and was simple to learn and apply, a daily practice of meditation, breath technique and recitation of mantra/5 principles is essential.  All these aspects were a key component to his system and as one travels through Kyoto and to Mount Kurama this becomes glaringly apparent.

Frans Steine of The International House of Reiki, who I recently studied my third Shinpinden Reiki Training with, emphasizes the multifaceted aspects of Usui Reiki mentioned above, and generously shared important sites to see in Japan.  He mentioned to make sure and connect with Hyakuten Inamoto as he often holds Reiki Shares in Kyoto.  His suggestion was one of three I received prior to my trip to connect with Inamoto. Synchronicity would have it that my timing was perfect and  Inamoto’s Reiki Share fell on the evening before my journey to Kurama. I was gratefully delighted to experience the simple, kind, openhearted nature of Inamoto and his group. A French group at his Share, along with Inamoto were so welcoming and kind, guiding me on how to get to Kurama and the best way to experience the essence of Usui’s journey and the ‘mecca’ for all Reiki practitioners, as Inamoto called it. As we completed a full evening of Reiki sessions in which many of us were jet lagged and fatigued, I experienced such a profound shift in energy in the last few minutes our group sharing.  There was an overwhelming sense of peace pervading the room in which everything was consumed in a field of ease and lightness of being.

I woke the next morning filled with this lightness and a deep sense of joy.  Thirty miles or so from Kurama I already could feel its sacred presence.  The ride on the Iwakura train line was filled with cherry blossoms beginning to bloom and mountain ranges on the horizon.

Entering the small town at the base of the mountain, a sweet presence pervaded the senses.  Once in the Temple I was greeted by the fountain and statue of Sanju Kannon, goddess of compassion, blessing and protection.  As I began to visit the various sacred sites, shrines and temples on Kurama Mountain I not only experienced the powerful energy field of sublime ease and a sense of unexplainable clarity and joy, I also felt deeply immersed in the present moment, mindfully aware of every foot step dropping into meditation with every breath where the mountain itself became the Temple.

If this is the place Usui had his powerful experience with Reiki, then it’s for certain he intended for all of us to feel such liberation, such joy and lightness — to awaken to the simple pleasure of breath, of presence, of stillness and to discover this sense of wholeness is available to us at any moment and accessible in our daily lives.

As I continued to walk Kuramayama I understood and continue to assimilate the awareness that the origins of Usui Reiki are truly beyond hands on.  Meditation, breath techniques, the 5 principles and the mantras/symbols are very much the backbone of Usuis Reiki system, as they existed in his devoted practice and in the land from which his system was birthed.  These tools are guide posts to liberation in which one leads a life of equanimity — a neutral response to life challenges and a deep sense of joy and peace in every moment.

A continual sense of wonder and gratitude grows in me and a deep awareness that the true ‘mecca’ and temple is right here within us, our very bodies, our very breath, our very lives.  Usui Reiki is a gift to support us in awakening to this reality.

Join us for our Reiki Pilgrimage to Mt Kurama, Kyoto Japan in 2017, details on

Photos and Article by Eleonore Koury © 2016

Eleonore Koury is a Reiki Master, Restorative & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, leading Sacred Journeys.  She empowers individuals with a synthesis of Western and Japanese Reiki practices along with life enriching yogic tools and nature based practices.

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A True Reiki Practice

In preparing for my Reiki II students I was enjoying refreshing through my mentors manuals and books and came across this beautiful excerpt in reading from Frank Arjava Petter’s book This Is Reiki. The excerpt reflects the members of Usuis Gakkai (community) “each member shall work upon themselves to build character and to purify the heart. In order to remain healthy, take care of yourself eat and rest well. Give yourself Reiki daily. Reiki helps all parts of the body; it stimulates the body’s immune system. It activates the inner organs and helps with the regeneration of new cells…” pg50

So beautifully exemplifies the simple yet powerful practice of Reiki, and the immense gift it gives us on a daily basis.  I recently shared with my Reiki II graduates that simple mindful meditation and deep breathing are the essence of the Reiki system.  This is not something anyone can give to a Reiki practitioner, but more a gift to give to oneself on a daily basis.

The quote above so clearly and beautifully states that each member must work on themselves and practice daily, that is truly where the fruits bare.  Many a times, eager students come to trainnings and want instantaneous results and profound experiences.  Its often forgotten that Usui was a devoted meditator and practicing Buddhist, spending years in his practice, leading to his profound experience with Reiki on Mount Kurama.

To come to a class expecting flashy lights and deep Aha’s, though often does occur, is short sighted of the students on personal development and practice.  The training is simply a part of the journey.  For some a starting point of a mindfulness practice, for others a deepening in a self care routine, and others an expansion of a spiritual or professional path.  The true ‘flash’ and deep awareness happens in ones own inner canvass each day as one rises and greets their inner consciousness and their Source.

Mikao Usui emphasized to his students, day and night practice the precepts and daily embodiment of Reiki and the symbols.  In my experience it is this simple dedication, that is not necessarily easy, which cultivates a vast open space for presence, syncrhonistic flow, and dharmic bliss.

As we leave the Piscenean age of the few Guru’s/Prophets, into the Aquarian age in which we are our own Guru/Prophet, it is our daily contact that ignites our light and illuminates our path.  We are then surrounded by awake grand community, supporting and inspiring each others inner light, sharing our radiance.  It is such a shift that engenders each one of us to take full responsibility for our path, evolving out of  lazy, rebellious and resistant adolescences to wise yet youthful beings embodying our practice, living in truth and clarity, co creating a sustainable vibrant world.

That is in essence the vision of Mikao Usui and his system of Reiki.

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Reiki Symbols – Western and Japanese Approaches

Reiki Symbols
How Reiki Symbols Work

In recently taking another Shinpiden Reiki Training and this time with Frans Steine of the International House of Reiki, I have a deeper awareness of what was already innately true for me in the practice of Reiki.  Reiki is a mindfulness practice, intended to support and enhance meditation and open us to greater inner freedom.  Reiki is also already present in all of life — the attunement process simply clears what blocks us from this truth.  As we practice Reiki and embody its essence we then awaken others around us to this connection.  Reiki does nothing else than bringing to the surface our radiance and vitality.

This post is intended for Reiki practitioners who have been trained in the Okuden, Level II Reiki system.  Okuden meaning hidden inner teachings.  In this level we delve into the Reiki symbols that support us in uncovering our true nature and the radiance within us, enriching our lives and our use of Reiki for our personal care as well as the care of others.

Mikao Usui created three Reiki symbols as part of his Usui Reiki Ryoho system.  His intention was to support students in deepening their connection to Reiki with the embodiment of the symbols.  Reiki symbols were seen as a journey, a pathway towards ultimate liberation from suffering, leading to a life of peace and joy.  This is also seen in the 5 Reiki principles.  Both intended to be practiced so as to remove what blocks us from the natural flow of Reiki and its unlimited benefits for heath and vitality.

Some of the symbols are Shinto or Sanskrit in origin, others are original Japanese kanji.  Reiki symbols focus Reiki towards a specific outcome depending on the symbol.  Similar to the Reiki energy itself, Reiki symbols do not require our effort or will, they are building blocks towards deeper awareness of wholeness and non duality.

Reiki symbols have a sacred power which is why they are traditionally kept secret until one is trained in the system of Reiki.  The ability to use them correctly is acquired in a Reiki training. The power of the Reiki symbols comes from what they activate, connecting us to a higher awareness with a specific focus depending on the symbol.

Activating Reiki Symbols from both a Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki Perspective:

Reiki symbols are activated predominately through intention and drawing them.
They can be drawn using your entire hand on your palms, over the heart or crown chakra, over the area being worked on, or in front of you in the air.

Originally some Japanese Reiki lineages used symbols with mantra phrases. Other students of Mikao Usui, along with Takata students utilized symbols by drawing them and reciting their name three times as a mantra. The name is recited three times, three being a symbol of the creation process.  For example the symbolism of three in heaven, earth, human or seed, soil, plant. Some Japanese Reiki lineages frown upon chanting the symbol name three times while others utilize the name as a mantra and as separate from the symbol itself, utilizing an auditory method to align and embody the principles and essence of Reiki.

To activate a Reiki symbol draw the symbol as you state the name out loud or silently three times.  If in a setting where chanting or drawing is inappropriate simply chant silently and visualize yourself drawing the symbol.  You can meditate on the shape or recite the mantra of the symbol continuously as a point of focus during a session.  Ultimately the symbols are embodied by the practitioner.  Merging with the qualities of the symbols leads to a space of interconnectedness and non judgement with all that is. A committed practice develops the ability to be present, observing and allowing with compassion the natural process of rebalancing and renewal.

Like Reiki, the symbols don’t need your effort, will or direction to work.  However they are intended to be practiced in order to best experience their quality and subtle power.   Reiki symbols are keys to unlock what is within you, increasing the flow of Reiki.  They are training wheels, in a sense, to help us in developing one pointed awareness, grounding, centeredness, harmony, connecting us to our inner essence and true nature of wholeness.  They were originally intended to be embodied by the practitioner, opening us to a greater sense of union, peace and joy.    Through the practitioners use and practice of the symbols a sense of oneness, compassion and non duality develops strengthening the flow of Reiki for personal health and wellness, leading to sharing the overflow personally and professionally.

for more on Reiki, Reiki Mentoring and Reiki Trainings go to

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The Mystical Teachings of Whales

While in Big Sur, CA recently I had the great delight of seeing the gentle giants of the Sea on their yearly migration to warmer waters.  Their presence brought me back to a precious moment 6 years ago where I had a close encounter with a very special humpback whale who impacted so many of us with its mystical teachings.  The following is an adaptation of an article I wrote from this deeply inspiring experience in 2009.  Though 6 years ago, the teachings of this little whale very much apply to our current times.  May it inspire a sense of wonder and awe in you and enrich your time both in Nature and in meditation:

“On Tuesday morning June 2nd 2009 I was awoken at 2:30 am and unable to go back to sleep so I continued to watch a video I had been watching the evening before, an IMAX on dolphins.  It was so beautiful and powerful to watch these majestic beings and learn about their brilliance and their gentleness.  The most beautiful scenes included the dance between humans and dolphins in water, oneness exemplified.  No separation, God, nature and human as one.

After completing the video I was filled with creative energy and began to do some creative work, but I also felt this impulse to go on an early bike ride to the Marina Peninsula.  So finally at 6:30am I got on bike and started riding.  It was a crisp, refreshing day, with a haze of clouds that brought a stillness to the ocean.  I road out to the end of the jetty, locked my bike and walked out on the rocks all the way to the edge where they met the ocean.  I found a flat rock bed and sat.  I began to journal and was clearing some emotional stagnation, feeling a little low…within minutes I heard a powerful sound to my right unlike I’d ever heard there.  I waited a moment not sure it was what I thought it was, and then again I heard this loud release of air from a spout, in absolute chock I stood several yards away from a whale.  I couldn’t believe what I saw!  I had been wishing to see dolphins, little did I know I would be visited by a whale, something I thought I would only see through a whale watching excursion.  What abundance!

I looked away and then back again and it rose again with another exhale.  Everything became surreal.  There was no one around me and the air and water were still. I began to beam Reiki from my eyes and felt a layer of light encompass the whole scene.  I sat, watched and felt.  I felt this oneness emerge between me and my surroundings and a sense of deep communing with the whale.  I realize now that the Reiki energy was a bridge that connected me vibrationaly to this mammal and deepened my experience.  A deep kinship – something from long ago was being stirred and I felt as if a message was being delivered from the whale – “you are not alone, we hear you, we are here.”  Later I looked through my books and came across the animal medicine of whales – they are the history keepers, here from the beginning of time and they return now to assist humanity in healing and bringing balance to the world.

I know it may seem hilarious that I believe this whale came as a messenger.  But I believe that unusual natural occurrences are often times messages to humanity, and can only be recognized if we allow them.  While the whale stayed at our bay so many stories emerged that it was possibly sick, injured or lost.  However day after day for over two weeks it returned to our bay to disprove any of these stories.  It was simply here enjoying the feeding ground and an opportunity to release barnacles from its body. But most of all I believe it was here to bring us a gift and a message – blessing us with its presence.

Unknowingly to many this whale was healing and teaching us. I believe mammals are incredible teachers of breath, presence and Reiki.  During its visit, it was amazing to witness the connection occurring among folks.  I have walked this Peninsula for many years and for the most part people are either in their own space or enjoying their inner circles of company.  With the presence of this whale it seemed all barriers dissolved and strangers were connecting, talking and bonding.  Even more strange were the periods of stillness that arose amongst a large group of people.  Long stretches of time would pass with no talking, simply witnessing the emergence of the whale, the whole group in anticipation of its movement, and every once in awhile a word of awe would be released.

First and foremost this whale’s visit has left me in deep reverence at the wonder and abundance of nature and how nature can reflect the truth and purity of Spirit.  Through its slow movements I was reminded of presence and through its air spout I was reminded of the breath.  As I mentioned earlier, it is said that the whales are the history keepers.  Reminding us of where we come from, hundred’s of thousands of years ago, during the time of Lumeria, a civilization at one with nature, each other and Spirit.  It is also said that the whale is here to assist us in evolving to that oneness and to teach us the wisdom of the old ways.

And so it is that this whale visit reflected to me the emergence of our renewed world.  Though the surface world has still much strife and uncertainty.  I believe the divine is very much awakening on this planet and that the oneness many of us seek to integrate is becoming more and more a reality.

 It is said that the Australian aborigines as well as the Native Hawaiian’s operate in dreamtime,  past, present and future here now in each moment and the sacred part of every aspect of life. As I witnessed the whale many mornings during its visit I witnessed groups of people gathered together, strangers finding a common connection. Though the profane was still very much around us, the sacred was ever so present connecting us to the past, the future, to each other, to nature and to the divine spark within all.
The whale began to be known as “Rey” for Marina Del Rey, and soon began to be a celebrity with pictures and articles in newspapers and magazines.  Towards the end of its visit stories began to be written about the concern for Rey’s extended stay and possibly needing to assist it in heading North.

It was interesting to see how many were, though delighted, somewhat uncomfortable with the whales visit, always wanting to create a story or some drama. But is that not the truth of humanity when it comes to change or unusual/supernormal occurrences.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly was one of those folks in the beginning.  But what I came to realize early on was if I were to truly enjoy this experience I would need to stop getting into the drama and story, something I work on in general.  Why not just accept this phenomena, this little miracle visit and enjoy its blessing!  Why not be present and enjoy the abundance.

And so it was that soon after these stories of an assisted departure began to circulate, on June 22nd, Rey departed on its own with approximately 50 dolphins at its side.
Quite a beautiful image to behold!

Thank you Rey for your blessing, your delight and your teachings.  One of the most awesome experiences of my life yet.  What an  experience to have witnessed your visit for those three weeks…from that unexpected morning sitting on a rock at the end of the jetty, right after I had written in my journal ‘I wish I could see dolphins’…within minutes I heard your spout releasing air!!!  Thank you for your beautiful entrance into my life, for bringing the ordinary to a level of extraordinary and for moments of magic, awe and wonder in your presence.  But most of all thank you for reminding me that abundance is everywhere – the connective web of light all around us and within us all, human, animal or mammal.”

adapted from article written for Awareness Magazine September/October 2009 edition “Abundance is Everywhere…A Whale Visit Tells Us So.”

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Reiki Through The Finger Tips & The Bodies Miraculous Healing Ability


In renewing my Jikiden Reiki Training I asked the instructor why Mikao Usui has us focus on the middle finger  She replied: Mikao Usui had us focus on the middle finger in Gassho not only as a point of concentration but because the middle finger is said to be the greatest facilitator of the Reiki energy – Transmitting most powerfully.

Since then I have been recently rediscovering the use of Reiki through the finger tips!  Reiki does not only flow through the palm but the entire hand and using the finger tips is a great way to focus the energy especially when dealing with specific areas.  A great reference for this technique is The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui by Frank Arjava Petter pp 33-37 as well as other pages.

If you are not Reiki attuned and trained, please find a Reiki training first before trying this.  The process of facilitating Reiki truly occurs in its purest form once attuned through a certified teacher along with receiving the proper training.

Reiki practitioners experiment with this concept and see how it feels — I recently used it on myself for a cut on a finger that had swollen up. I could so palpably feel Reiki flowing though my finger and impacting my biofield on the cut wound.  The heat that was coming out of my finger was like a lazer pentrating the area.  The next morning the open scab was closed and within a day the swelling had gone.

We often expect results immediately with any condition.  And if we don’t see the results we feel nothing has happened and we dismiss the power of Reiki.  The reality is the body has a process, and though Reiki speeds up that healing process, it often takes time.  If we are willing to allow the process and witness its cycles, we will most probably see miraculous healings.  Reiki is not only a technique of relaxation and promoting well being.  It is a technique that ignites the bodies ability to heal.  It is also a system of observation, of detachment and of facilitation.  The miraculous is truly the body and the way it is innately designed to restore, renew and rebuild.  Reiki is the vehicle that triggers, awakens, and supports the bodies innate healing power and the experienced practitioner develops the mastery to facilitate a session that allows this miracle to occur.

Join us in our upcoming Reiki II class and  Advanced Training in which we will explore these topics and experiment with these techniques.

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Grace and New Perspectives This Fall 2015

As syncrhonicity would have it, I stumbled upon Ram Dass while in Maui this September.  It was a by chance event, as I was looking for a 5 Rythms Dance class, instead I received the deep pleasure of being in Ram Dass’s presence as he spoke to us about Grace in the midst of life’s challenges.  He called it “Spirit is in the stuff of life”.  He had recently been in Maui Memorial Rehab Center for an injured ankle that got severlly infected. And so he was rich with experience on discovering Spirit in the clinical setting.

I was fascinated with the continued synchronicity, as  his talk was amazingly similar to the podcast I had just recorded the day before.  It was also interesting to find he had just spent sometime at a Rehab Center, which I too had been very intimate with back in LA in caring for my father.  His reflection of his experience there helped deepen my perspective of the Divine working in mysterious ways and places, even amidst  the hardship of attending to numerous challenges with my father’s care.

Ram Dass shared a story with the audience of his teachers student who had told him she had much suffering in her life.  His response was “I have had suffering too, but I see suffering as a road to God.”  Ram Dass then added “I found Maui Memorial staff were karma yogis and my ankle helped me find grace in Maui Memorial.”  Allan who was leading the conversation and talk with Ram Dass replied “Does this mean there is no place without God.”

“yup”, said Ram Dass “perceive stuff as Spirit change your mind about stuff (meaning hardship in life) change your perspective about the “stuff” that is happening.”  “My mind is yuk, jealousy etc – all that stuff.  I’ll be jealous and say to myself ‘what am I doing here?’ that’s my mind, that is where jealousy is, and then I say to myself ‘I’m witnessing jealousy”  “Witnessing is the Soul, and we have so many planes of consciousness.  We often get stuck in one plane of consciousness.  Suffering, challenges captivates our consciousness.  I witness suffering and the witness is another plane of consciousness, it is the soul, the obsever.”

Ram Dass then said “My ankle is Grace”

Allan so beautifully ended the talk with “All is Grace then”

Ram Dass “Yes!”

Often when we find ourselves in such hardship, and when it keeps coming we think something must be wrong, or that we are doing something wrong.  We often forget that Grace, Spirit, the Divine is there in the hardship and there is a divine purpose in it all.  Our practice whether it be yoga, meditation, prayer, exercises, Reiki, enables us to activate that higher plane of conciousness Ram Dass spoke of, and observe the events from our soul perspective in order to gain a larger view and find the grace amidst the intensity.  From our higher plane of consciousness we are then better able to make appropriate decisions and take actions needed, rather than reacting and perpetuating the suffering.

Often our ability to tap into a higher plane of consciousness gives us a whole new perspective into a situation that initially appears horrific or insurmoutable.  Our higher plane of consciousness, our Spirit, our Soul is like being on a mountain top above the clouds where everything is clear and we are untouched by the events troubling us.  This Fall Season gives us the opportunity to utilize the natural cycle of slowing down, grounding, quieting and opening to deeper self reflection, and integration. It also gives us an opportunity to Harvest  the fruits of the past years labor/creative endeavors and spend more time in gratitude and thanks at the bounty in our lives versus the current challenges.  It is amazing when we move into that space of noticing the good, how life becomes so rich so fast, and how the blessings and goodness flood in, simply through our shift in perspective and focus.

In this Fall Season give your self the gift of your practice — steeping in more yin restorative yoga, Nature based practices and nourishing Reiki, so as to allow the natural cycle of your body, mind, soul and life to reflect, integrate and harness the unbounded gifts awaiting you of grace and infinite blessings this season.

Rich Blessings, Eleonore

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Drought and Sustainable Living Tips

Often we can feel quite powerless with California’s continued drought, watching many of our canyons and yards disintegrate to brown fields.  With the gift of Reiki we can certainly bring our practice into all of our interaction with nature.  While walking in nature we can intend and invite Reiki to flow through our feet applying Reiki with every step we take.  We can also invoke the power symbol, drawing it and motioning into the ground and brush around us.  One of my favorite ways to bring Reiki to nature is to hold a brush or tree branch with my hand and simply intend that Reiki flow as needed and desired.  I often quickly feel and experience the flow filling my body and the tree itself, with a circular flow as the tree itself flows energy back to me.

Tadao Yamaguchi, in the Jikiden Reiki Tradition, used Emoto’s water crystal experiment with Reiki.  The results were water crystals taking on a beautiful geometric pattern for two separate Reiki treatments (Yamaguchi, Light on the Origins of Reiki, pp. 104-106). This beautifully demonstrates how Reiki so positively affects the molecular make up of all of nature and that, though we may not see the results right away, Reiki can have a significant impact over time.

Another way we can support the drought and live more ecologically, is to mindfully and consciously relate to the land and to the way we live.  Recently living in a house with lots of land, gardens and nature around me I have had the opportunity to put into practice much of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years in permaculture training and research.  One of the gems has been capturing water used in our sink while washing dishes and utilizing it to water the garden. We’ve also placed a bucket in our shower and plan to do the same in our bathroom sink. Make sure the soap you are using is biodegradable and plant friendly.  A helpful hint is having one bucket that captures water that is warming or for rinsing without soap and another that contains soap.  Some plants are pretty hearty and can thrive on “grey water” others are more sensitive. You can test out different areas, and alternate between “grey water” and regular water.

Other ways we are living more closely with the land is being aware of our trash and how we recycle it.  We’ve recently learned that we can compost our vegetable, fruit and grain scraps,  into the green yard bin.  If you live an apartment complex simply ask your landlord or management company where the yard bins are.  Here is a great link to more info on this topic. check your city’s regulations. Some areas allow even more scraps in the green bins for composting.

As nature and the Earth continues to go through her cycles and weather changes, many communities all around the world are discovering and creating innovative ways of living more sustainably and eco-consciously.  The beauty about our consistent Reiki practice is that it brings everything back into its natural order/wholeness, making us more mindful not only about our own bodies and minds, but also that of the Earth and humanity.  We become more aware of the way we relate to the natural world, and areas where we may be over consuming or unconsciously wasteful.  This then allows us to be more present with the natural world around us, remembering that all of life is interconnected and that the way we relate and interact with the natural world will not only contribute to the health of our planet but also support and enhance our life experience, contributing to a deep sense of rest and wellness.

I look forward to hearing from you and the many ways all of you bring Reiki into nature as well as any sustainable practices  that would benefit our community



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