Reiki I and II

Reiki I
Sat Oct 19 2013

Reiki II
Sun Oct 20, 2013

Learn this simple healing technique in the Dr. Usui System and enhance your spiritual path.  An ancient
form of healing that taps into Divine energy whose innate wisdom and intelligence assists the body,
mind, and spirit in aligning with its highest good.

Reiki I Learn about your body's subtle energy system: aura, chakras, and meridians.  Experience your
life force energy, Chi, and how it supports your well being.  Learn the History of Reiki and gain an
understanding of Divine Universal Life Force Energy known as Reiki.  Receive your attunement to Reiki,
learn techniques to support your mind/body balance and how to heal others.

Reiki II Reiki I Required.  Deepen your connection to Divine Universal Life Force Energy with three
sacred symbols. Symbols strengthen your Reiki practice, allowing for physical, mental/emotional healing
and distant healing.  Benefits include utilizing Reiki to support your goals, affirmations, visions, and
projects as well as sending Reiki to heal the past and forward to support your future. Symbols also
strengthen your Aura, enhance your energy body, clear the energy of any space or object, support
relationship harmony and understanding, and can be used with cooking, gardening, showering,
technology, operating machinery and so much more! read
article to find out more ways Reiki can be
used throughout your day.

Reiki I $150 materials included, $15 for manual paid day of
Reiki II $200 materials included, $15 for manual paid day of
Reiki I and II $350 materials and manual included when
registering for I and II together

Reiki III Advanced Level Training
9:45am-5:00pm, Fri Dec 20, 2013
Reiki I and II Required.
Empower your  Reiki  Practice  through this next  level  of  Reiki

Reiki III is a beautiful level that aligns us with the Source of Reiki, the master within.  
We are given the gift of the Master symbol and attunement.  
This strengthens our Reiki energy and practice, opening up our channels and centers to what lies within
us, enligntened awareness.

Also refining our ability to send distant Reiki to multiple people and projects, Aura Clearing and healing
at deeper levels, and two Reiki meditations that support us in establishing our higher presence and
fulfilling our higher purpose. Training will cover the following:

Master Symbol and attunement
Reiki Meditation and  Moving Meditation
Reiki Grid (Reiki Box) and utilizing crystals for healing
Aura Clearing

$250  Includes Materials

Reiki Master Level
9:45am-5pm, Dec 21-22, 2013
Reiki I, II and III Required.  This level is called the Shinpenden level, known as the mystery teachings.  At
the Master level we tap into the mystery of Reiki and its simple and brilliant ways of enriching our lives.  
Similar to treating someone with Reiki, teaching Reiki is another level of absolute surrender to this
Divine Power as it is passed on from your energy body to another.  Continuing in deepening in the
principle of non-doing and simply allowing.  With the Master attunement, Reiki begins to flow through
you continuously and is then passed on through a simple, yet powerful attunement process.

Those that feel called to Reiki Master Level find a deepening of their practice, and if they choose are
then able to teach others this sacred art of healing.  You will raise the vibration of your Reiki energy,
learn more tools for your spiritual and healing practice and learn how to pass on this gift.  The training
will cover the following:

Two sacred symbols and attunements
Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
Healing Attunement
Violet Breath
How to attune and teach others

$600 Includes Materials

Karuna Reiki® Practitioner and Master Training
follow link for details
Advanced and Master Training Registraion

ART and Reiki Master Level full payment $850   

ART and Reiki Master Level deposit $300
balance due day of training $550

Reiki Trainings

Reiki I and II Registration

Reiki Level I and II full payment $350

Reiki Level I and II deposit $150

Reiki Level I full payment $150

Reiki Level II full payment $200

Advanced Reiki Training Registration

Advanced Level Training full payment $250

Adanced Level Training deposit $100
balance due day of training $150

Reiki Master Training Registration

Reiki Master Level full payment $600

Reiki Master Level deposit $200
balance due day of training $400
If you have any difficulties making a purchase please contact us.
We look forward to serving you.

" Reiki Master Training with Eleonore is a sublime The
 experience was a magical journey filled with two days
of loving wisdom and support.  I am renewed,
replenished and complete.  I highly recommend
Eleonore as a mentor and teacher for any and all
levels of Reiki Training. She brings Joy."
--Tammy S Britton

"i am so grateful and blessed to finally take my Master Training. As soon as i made the commitment to take the training, Reiki began to work the magic on me.  Eleonore's love and
patience of the challenges/changes i'm facing with life right now make her the  perfect Teacher for me.  I have had so many realizations and 'Ah-Ha' moments as a result of her

" I am so grateful to my classmates and to you for making it so comfortable and inviting.  I am walking away much more aware of the promise and joy of Reiki and(this is the good
part) I realize there is so much left to learn.  Thank You!"

"I had always been interested in Reiki.  I signed up at the last minute.  I felt so comfortable and at ease with the process.  The information and the style of the class made
understanding very easy.  The constant practice reinforced the information we were given.  It was great and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in Reiki."

"I feel a greater connection with Spirit.  Extremely relaxed abundant meditation.  Positive loving energy in a comfortable setting.  I was shown a way to use divine wisdom to help

"Well, I did not imagine what a treat learning, embodying this Reiki would be I'm over the moon right now it has been wonderful exploring with like minded spirits."

I was able to open my heart even more. I am a true believer in Reiki.  Our teacher was superb! I felt very comfortable and accepted."

"Not only have I been blessed by the attunement to Reiki energy and your wonderful classes (I&II) but I sense that I have taken a major step into reclaiming the person I once was and
have been trying to re-find.  thank you."

"This was a day of transformation, growth and blissful energy.  I feel greatly empowered and have also learned a great deal.  This has been an extremely powerful experience, the full
depth of which I'm sure is yet to be revealed... The training and attunement ... were sublime.  You are truly a gifted teacher and you have changed my life forever in the most beautiful
and positive way."

"Reiki is amazing-I never thought that I could do Reiki so fast - learning to connect to Divine energy.  The week was stressful, overwhelming, but I was surprised the way I handled the
stress. I felt at peace with the stress, quiet, in control and accepting the flow of stress-Letting it Be, and everything was falling into place.  It was a very nice training, covering almost
everything.  The vibration coming from Eleonore was so peaceful, happy, relaxed...the energy I get from her is - LOVE."

"I can say that I came in not knowing what I will experience.  I like evidence and the idea that everything can be explained; I did not know how to let go of this tendency to explain
everything; but through this course I did just that and in the end the results were amazing.  Results emerged and I began to better understand that the energy does not reveal itself
when we want it, but rather when we are ready."

"How do you express 12 hours of a spiritual journey?  Nothing other than perfection.  A prefect place, a perfect time, a perfect group....It was a piece of heaven here on earth.  Like
Moses on the Mountain when he received the 10 commandments.  A place of calm and sanctuary to find in myself.  A place of knowing that my highest good is always creating just
that.  A reminder to heal myself and let others "go" through their pilgrimage.  A reminder to step out of my own way and release my ego and attachments.  What a joy to share this with
this group.  Everyone is so unique.  Isn't it a small world after all."
"I had no initial expectations but knew the
power of Reiki and I am very happy that I
committed to even higher growth through this
teaching- Eleonore is such a wonderful gifted
Master Teacher and I know my heart and
inner peace has welcomed the outcome of
this experience."
-Joyce Spears