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Meditative Word: A Journey Within
By Eleonore Koury

A four track CD designed to renew your body, mind and spirit. The first track
introduces you to the Journey Within. The second track assists the new
meditator in implementing a daily meditation practice and the experienced
meditator in strengthening their meditation practice.  Third segment is a
healing session, connecting your body with the healing energies of the earth
and the cleansing and clearing energies of Reiki.  The last track assists you
in connecting with your guides and angels to receive their healing energy
and guidance leading you to a deeper connection with  Divine Source,
Divine Mother/Father, God, Higher Power, etc.

"I love your gives such great explanation on how to meditate...I wasn't
ever taught, and didn't know what I was doing."


2 for $20

The Grace of Reiki - A Guided Self Treatment
with Eleonore Koury

Enjoy this cd to strengthen your Reiki practice and uplift your vibrational
field.  A simple process of self treatment attending to the seven major
chakras, corresponding organs and glands and treating your aura - your
electromagnetic field.
This cd can be used be used daily, in the morning to start your day, in
the middle of the day to recenter, or in the evening to assist in a restful
sleep. Also enjoy an introductory explanation of your seven major
bodies, an explanation of the healing process with Reiki, and an
honoring of Dr Usui's Reiki Ideals and how they impact our lives.

"I am using Eleonore's CD for almost a year now.  The Reiki became part
of my life. I use the CD whenver I feel my health and energy is going
down.  It is unbelievable how relaxing and helpful to hear Eleonore's
calming and peacefull voice."


2 for $20
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