Speaking Engagements

Eleonore is available to speak on TV or Radio shows, at events, conferences, expos,
private organizations, schools, churches, etc. She is also available for group and
workshop facilitation.

contact us with details of your event.  

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is spiritually-guided(Rei),  life-force energy(Ki) that restores the natural flow of the energy body
and health to the physical body. It clears blockages and allows the body to do its own healing. Reiki
is guided by a higher source. This higher vibration energy is transmitted through the practitioner in
the exact form that is needed to achieve restoration, harmony and balance to your mind, body, and
spirit. The directed energy applied both to the aura and physical body raises your vibrational level
and opens blocked channels, allowing your Chi(Ki) to flow optimally. This facilitates a deep
cleansing of toxins stored in your body, and a release of feelings and thought patterns that
are no longer effective.

Phone Sessions available

The Benefits of Reiki
Reiki has been shown to assist in healing an array of conditions.  Each session is individual and
works at the highest good of the individual.  
Reiki is always beneficial as preventative care or as intervention for any physical, mental or
emotional illness.  Reiki can be used in conjunction with other therapies.  Each session is
individual  and unique moving you towards  greater balance and deep peace.

* Deeply relaxing, releases stress and tension
* Oxygenates blood
* Detoxifies Lymph, Vital Organs, and tissue
* Re balances chakras
* Clears and strengthens Aura
* Emotional and mental healing and well being
* Past life resolution
* Aligning with higher self, Source, and inner guidance

Reiki Massage
a unique blend of Reiki with breath and bodywork  and Cranial Sacral therapy

Reiki Massage sessions are Reiki focused with over the clothes palpations, Acupressure and
moving of the tissue.
Eleonore’s bodywork is gentle yet deep.  Her work taps into the spiritual, emotional and mental body
of the individual allowing deep seated patterns and defense reflexes locked in the tissue to release
and shift.  Individuals experience deep relaxation, healing and restoration.  

receiving a Reiki treatment can be best described by imagining a delicious healing elixir running
through your body

"Thank you. This has been some of the most powerful work I've experienced."
-Brian, Reiki and Spiritual and Life Guidance

Learn Reiki Yourself, Find out How

Reiki Mentoring
supporting you in strengthening your personal Reiki practice and bringing Reiki into your everyday
life.  Refine techniques learned in your Reiki training and apply them to your personal path.  Discover
ways Reiki can be utilized to compliment all areas of your life.

Sessions can also be utilized to assist those seeking to develop or strengthen their professional
Reiki practice.  You will be given tangible tools and systems that support you and your practice.

Animal Reiki
Reiki is a wonderful healing tool for all animals.  It can be used as a  preventative tool for the overall
care of our pets, for intervention when our pet is ill, and as an aid to assist our pet in crossing over.
I have been deeply touched by my pets through the years.  They are pure love and when they are ill or
suffering it can be heartbreaking.  During my first years as a Reiki practitioner I enjoyed sharing Reiki
with my pets and giving back the love they gave me.  I also was grateful to have Reiki with me when I
had to help one pet cross over and then even more grateful as Reiki helped me find my new feline
Recently the Universe has sent clients to me with pets in need of healing.  I have found that the
same with human Reiki, Reiki is not a guarantee of physical healing, but rather a guarantee of
connecting to a Source of peace and deeper awareness.  Some animals have experienced physical
healing from Reiki treatments and attunements, others have been assisted through their transition
with the aid of Reiki and Reiki Guides.
It is highly recommended that all those who care for their pets participate in a Reiki training and
receive a Reiki attunement.  Reiki can be an invaluable tool for the care of your pet as well as your
self-care. Learn more about Reiki Training

Kundalini Yoga Private and Group Classes

Eleonore is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor as taught by Yogi Bajhan.  She is available for one
on one yoga mentoring and teaching as well as holds monthly yoga classes in various locations.    
She is passionate about empowering men and women with this powerful technology that
strengthens overall health, supporting the nervous, glandular and immune system while giving you a
great workout and expanding your consciousness and awareness.  
 The technology and
science of Kundalini Yoga with the divine flow of Reiki makes for a powerful

Spiritual and Life Coaching
Whether in a life transition or content in your current life's path sessions with Eleonore are designed
to assist you in transforming emotions, patterns, and belief systems that are no longer effective;  
embracing your essence; aligning with your inner guidance and connecting with spiritual guides;
and supporting you in fully embracing your life's path with its challenges and triumphs.

Personal Sacred Journeys
Combining Spiritual and life Guidance, Meditation Coaching and Reiki in the outdoors.  Journey with
Eleonore to pristine sites in local mountains and beaches, allowing the natural environment to
support you in achieving deep healing and actualizing your vision.  Sessions are conducted by hour
and can also be tailored to small groups.  Individual rates are the same structure as stated below,
group rates are determined depending on group size.  

"The oldest healers in the world (native and indigenous shamans) new no other way to heal than to
work with environmental reciprocity." Theodore Rozak

Price List

Speaking engagements
rates vary depending on event

Reiki, Reiki Massage, Reiki Mentoring, Phone Sessions and Remothe Healing,
Animal Reiki, Spiritual and Life Coaching, Personal Sacred Journeys,  Kundalini
Yoga Private Sessions
First Sessions are 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.
90 minute sessions are recommended for clients I haven't seen in over a month in
order to fully serve you and give you the time you deserve.
Sacred Journeys range from 120 minutes to 60 minutes depending on location and
client needs.
60 Minutes        $90    
90 Minutes        $130
120 Minutes      $180

packages available - purchase three 1 or 1.5hr sessions receive $15 discount

Animal Reiki or Meditation Coaching
follow up sessions
30 minutes     $45

Referral Gift
I appreciate your referrals and would love to share the gift of healing with your
friends, family, colleagues, etc.  I will gift you $10 towards your next full session
whenever you send a paid referral my way.  Your referral also receives $10 towards
their first full session.

I look forward to serving you.

Appointments available Tuesday through Saturday
hours vary, please inquire

Email or call for appointment

Once appointment is scheduled please  complete the intake form and bring with you
to your
session,  please read the practice policies prior to your appointment

Intake Form

Practice Policies

Eleonore Koury RMT, CMT
"I was just looking for a convenient
place to go for a massage. I was
referred to you by Dr. Hardin. She told
me your name and that you were into
Reiki and could do massages. I had
heard of Reiki and was skeptical
because I just wanted a quick fix on
my shoulder pain and no
hocus-pocus stuff . Please forgive the

Eleonore treated the symptoms of my
aches and pains, you've treated the
cause. You've helped me with your
guidance and your recommendations
so much that my whole outlook on life
is changing. I came to you thinking I'd
only have time for a session here and
there in between my crazy work
schedule. Then when the jobs were  
slowing down I wasn't sure how often I
could keep coming. Well I'm sure glad
I started with you and never quit
because I've got the balance in my life
I thought I could never have. I've got
that abundance now that you speak of
and the magic of Reiki is really
working on me. It's so exciting!! You're
a regular part of my weekly routine just
like putting gas in the car and food in
the fridge. I wouldn't want to go without
your spiritual guidance and the
massage is nice too!  Thanks so
much for all you're doing."

-Leslie Reiki  Massage and Spiritual
and Life Coaching

"After spending a holiday with my
sister, I developed deep pain in my
shoulder and neck, making it nearly
impossible to turn my head from side
to side. I ended up thanking God for
sending me pain that sent me to
Eleonore, whose gentle, yet deep,
massage really does
"tap into the
spiritual, emotional and mental body
of the individual, allowing deep seated
patterns and defense reflexes locked
in the tissue to release and shift."

Eleonore's multi-level healing work
began even before her healing hands
touched my body, as I poured out my
heart while her healing eyes and voice
validated me for being a "courageous
truth teller" about sexual abuse in my
family. Her healing work extends
beyond the massage table room, as
she introduces women like me to the
message of the Great Council of
Grandmothers at
www.GrandmothersSpeak.com so
that, together, we become empowered
to bring into balance the energies of
yin and yang on our dear Planet Earth.
Working with Eleonore has changed
my life forever!"
Reiki Massage
schedule an appointment here

sessions and sacred journeys  are scheduled Tuesday through

Hours Vary, request time desired and we will get back to you to
confirm your appointment

purchase a remote Reiki session or phone session
Remote Reiki or Reiki Phone Session
Sessions include a debrief on your current needs, treatment time in
which Eleonore will send Reiki remotely, and time after treatment for
impressions and recommendations.
30 minute Reiki sessions are
done online. 60 and 90 minute Reiki sessions are done over
the phone or in person.

Spiritual/Life Coaching and/or Meditation Coaching
Phone Session
Sessions with Eleonore can assist you in transforming emotions,
patterns, and belief systems that are no longer effective; aligning with
your true essence and Source; developing a meditation and prayer
practice that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Reiki Mentoring Phone Session
supporting you in your presonal or professional Reiki practice

90 minute sessions include phone consultation, treatment, post
treatment phone impressions/recomendations
60 minute sessions include phone consultation, treatment, and
written impressions/recommendations.
15 or 30 minute sessions include treatment and written
impressions/recomendations, all done online

In the
"Add special instructions to merchant" field during
checkout please indicate your email address and phone number, the
time and day requested and someone will contact you to schedule
your appointment.

-- Bill Pruitt
"I have had many distance Reiki sessions with Eleonore. I find them
to be transformational. Melting stress. Restoring balance. And
easing overwhelm. With everything from anxiety to physical illness
to relationship issues she is loving, intuitive and a truly gifted
Michelle Fiordaliso
Remote Reiki, Spiritual/LIfe Coaching Session,  Meditation
Coaching, and or Reiki Mentoring Phone Session

60 minute session - $90(phone session)

30 minute session - $45
(30 min. remote Reiki all done online)

90 minute sessions combining any of the above

90 minutes - $130(phone session)

packages available - purchase three 1 or 1.5hr sessions
receive $15

"You have healing hands and a healing touch.  I came in unable to walk straight, the next day I
felt much better, by the following week I was back to normal." -
Marlena, Reiki Massage

"My head felt much clearer not as crowded - I could actually feel Eleonore drawing the energy
down from my head through my legs and out my feet."
-Julie, Therapeutic Massage

"This was the best massage I've ever had. I felt my body ripple and let go of negative energy.  
Your techniques are very therapeutic and soothing. Thank you."
-Jane, Therapeutic Massage