Feminine Divine
Sacred Mysteries of the Feminine Divine
is also
Women's Wisdom Circle
For all women
a combo of ancient wisdom teachings and practices
supporting us through the seasons and cycles of our lives as women
living vibrantly in alignment with Universal divine flow
The time is now - awaken, live free,
and share the bounty!

Tue. Evening 6:30pm-8:30pm
esuming in October, exact date to be announced

marina del rey, ca
exact location given upon registration
contact Eleonore to register by
or register here
$25 per class or $68 for 3 classes (save $7)

come and gather in a circle with other women reclaiming our ability to
rest, renew and create the divine tapestry of our lives and our world.
Immerse yourself in the wisdom, nourishment and power of the
Divine Feminine.

We will experience the  
yogic practice of Kundalini Yoga,
an ancient technology vital to a woman's vibrancy on many
 From simple pranayam (breathing techniques) and meditations
to a more physical workout with sets that detoxify, enhance over all
physical health and vibrancy, strengthen nervous and glandular system,
support  emotional balance and ease, and create spiritual alignment
and purpose.
leading to radiant living from your heart centered, authentic wild nature

A time to rest, play, laugh, share, cry, create, dance, delight,
expand or just BE!
You are a wonderful and inspiring gift, Eleonore- thank you!!!
"Wow.... I felt such a profound shift during and after our time together
last night. This morning I literally felt rooted in my 2nd chakra, like the
pit of my lower abdomen was so strong and secure. It's a sensation I've
never experienced to that depth. It really changed how I taught yoga
class this morning and my ability to flow/lead and yet stay very present &

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me, for holding space for
me to transform ....and for giving me the confidence and tools to find
peace within me.."
- Jessica
“Woman is the molder. You are the molder of time, space,
and of man: the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of
today, the husband; and the men of yesterday; the
ancestors. The entire society, in theory and reality, is based
on the spirit of woman.”
Yogi Bajhan