www.reiki.org – founded by William Lee Rand, International Center for Reiki Training

www.ipsb.com – Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing.  Unique massage school based
in mind, body, spirit principles, integrating a variety of healing modalities in their
curriculum for a well rounded professional healer.

www.agapelive.com – International Spiritual Center founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
based in Culver City, CA

www.mesothelioma.com - Visit Mesothelioma.com to learn more about how malignant
mesothelioma patients are using Reiki as a form of palliative relief during cancer
treatment, particularly mesothelioma radiation.

www.corelight.com – founded by Leslie Temple-Therston, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

www.seedsoflight.org – non-profit organization supporting Aids orphaned Children in
South Africa

www.grandmothersspeak.com – awakening feminine power around the world and
assisting the healing of the masculine. Sharon McErlane founder, based in Laguna Beach,

joyful.com - Joyful Systems by Simon Michael: programming & design, training & support,
web development, system administration, innovation!

Simon Michael is an innovative software specialist, and a leader in the free software
movement.  He specializes in researching new software languages for easy, efficient use
for the everyday computer and web user as well as the techies.  

www.cori-newlander.net – gentle and powerful healer providing wholistic psychotherapy
for children, adults and couples

www.ariadnesthread.org – founded by Morna Watson, Teacher and Environmental
Movement Artist. Shifting our paradigm through myth, art and movement

www.arasfoundation.org – ARAS organizes and presents programs to address poverty,
provide international aid, promote literacy, and support individuals around the world to
realize and achieve their life's vision through a variety of educational and inspirational
programs.  Bob and Mary Trask, founders, Sammamish WA.  

www.pinemanor.com  Noteworthy is a non-profit branch of Pine Manor dedicated to
support of healing art and arts. Funds contributed by sacred ventures go to individuals
attending Reata Rhine's retreats who need financial assistance for a watsu massage as
part of their healing process

Sacred Ventures Donation Contributions

Since the inception of Sacred Ventures I have found it essential to contribute a
percentage of funds  to various charitable organization, no matter how small.
I would like to share with you the current organizations that are receiving monthly
Each organization contributes to the awakening happening on our planet and each is a
treasured community on my path, please visit their site.





A  Community of Light Workers