Your True Nature

Your True Nature is Wholeness!! Period! Our Daily Reiki Practice Connects Us To This Truth
Inspired after teaching Reiki II this past weekend as we delved into the symbols — gifts from Usui — almost like each symbol representing foot steps on his Kurama journey — leading us to liberation — so that whatever our circumstance we can reconnect to our center and KNOW that we are whole as are all those that we are concerned about!
The Kanji Reiki symbol in itself describes this — REI KI — REI being ‘only divine light from the highest source’
KI being ‘moves through the body (and all of matter) radiating through’
In essence you are ,as is all of life, radiating with the pure chi, pure prana, pure consciousness —
if you feel disconnected from this truth I highly suggest reconnecting to your daily reiki, yoga, meditation practice — if you are doing your practice and are struggling, I highly suggest receiving a treatment from someone else, and being a re attuned, (whether with me or others) and then re committing and renewing your daily practice — with all that is occurring in our World — it really is no longer in option — give yourself and your world this daily gift <3
Eleonore Koury | Kampalpriya Kaur
Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist | Certified Kundalini Yoga & Restorative Yoga Instructor | Spiritual & Life Coach
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