Reiki Self Treatment Benefits

Recently I posted on our Reiki communities private facebook page an inquiry on how everyone was benefiting from their self treatments.

What I heard back was heart warming and so affirming of the powerful benefits of consistent Reiki self treatment. I was so impacted I felt it needed to be shared outside of our community to which our practitioners agreed to.

Here is the post conversation thread, enjoy:

Hi beautiful Reiki beams — I’d love to hear from those that are doing self treatment regularly or daily and how that has benefited you and your life??? <3

Sally – I have been doing Soul work and releasing many issues that I had not even recognized as issues.🙌💐🐾🐾

Eleonore Koury You mean this is a result of your daily reiki practice?
Sally –  Yes. I do about 30-45 min in the morning. I work mainly on the Hara. I have been studying the symbol mantras you gave us last  summer

Deborah – I do self Reiki on a daily basis for between 30 and 60 minutes. I could go on and on about how it has benefitted me in various ways, but I think the main thing is helping me to eliminate a great deal of stress and anxiety from my life. feel very grounded and relaxed and in control after a session. It is also helping me let go of some past issues. And I can do this myself. I do not need to depend on an intermediary. 👐🏼

Eleonore Koury – I love this !!! Thank you for sharing your experience 🙏🙏

Lynette – I have never been able to maintain a daily meditation practice before Reiki was involved. Now my body craves it. You know how your mouth feels gross in the morning until you brush your teeth? That’s now my ‘energy’ feels until I can meditate and do Reiki self treatment. I feel cleaner and bigger afterwards. 🙂

Eleonore Koury Lynette what an amazingly awesome description!! looove this!! and love hearing how it was Reiki that finally supported your regular practice <3

Amanda – I have a 2 year old so for me I’m really getting to that place of balance for my daily rituals. I have been doing my morning ritual in her presence and found that by saying the principals out loud in English and Japanese as a meditation has helped me embody Reiki as my way of living, which has brought so much compassion and patience in to my days. Then I use the mantras with yoga movement and power symbol followed by a bit of meditation, chanting the symbols while drawing on my hands, then breathing in the symbol to my Hara and breathing out each symbol imagining them permeating my entire being for about 5-10 minutes feeling reiki circulating and pulsing throughout. I suppose this is my self treatment at the moment. I feel so much more vibrant, grounded and at ease after this morning ritual and I love including my daughter. My goal is to make time in the evenings for in depth meditation and extended self treatment without distractions.

Eleonore Koury I got chills reading your description — I could feel the energy moving through your biofield!! and so love hearing how you include your daughter!! 🙂

Amanda – Thank you Eleonore. It has been a challenge for me to find this morning ritual in my daily practice having it is incredible for me.

Jillian –  I do little bits here and there all the time. Any amount. When I dedicate times, I have been enjoying the podcasts recently. But I definitely gravitate to choku rei, a must to keep me grounded. I also have been working on my other symbols in preparation for the next class. And am doing some reading while on vacation.
I feel like it had helped me slow down, instead of always reacting. Definitely more present in my day when I can do a dedicated session. I also use it with intermittent anxieties, which is very helpful.

Eleonore Koury So glad to hear podcasts have been helpful!! And reading
Yes choku rei is great for grounding 😊 Have u seen the newest image of it shared by Fabiana Vidal it’s great for an image of grounding reiki in our bodies and biofield

Jillian – Oh yeah, have that one saved to my phone

Hilda – I have been practicing self reiki on a daily basis for since I hVe. Been back from our Maui retreat/ training. Mainly using Chokurei, rage mental emotional Sei He Ki symbol, the master symbol and on some days I have incorporated meditating on the symbol by slow moving yoga. Feels awesome! This Reiki self practice has helped me and my family on so many levels. Been with numerous stressful situations in my personal life and I do not know how would have been doing without my practice.

Eleonore Koury Got chills reading this Hilda Sinanian 💜 so beautiful to hear the benefits both of yiur daily practice and the positive benefits from our maui retreat!! that your experience in maui continues to supports you through great challenges gives me more reason to keep offering maui trainings/retreats! thank u for your courage and persistance!! that is in fact your hawaiian name isnt it? warrior something? from both yako and the woman the year bedore? sending aloha reiki love 🌺🙌

Hilda – 🙂 Kama is my Hawaiian name🌸🌺🌸🙏🙏

Zepure – I released my shoulders & neck pain
Eleonore Koury Yey!!! 💜😊

Fabiana – Calming & centering! 🙏🏼🕉🙌🏼💖
Eleonore Koury Yes yes!! 💜😊

Jeanne – I have a “run” of self treatment and sending to others, then I go in other directions of planetary healing and balance, then I come back through the revolving door of Reiki. Thank you for your interest.

Deborah – I also need to second what Lynette said. I have always had a difficult time with meditation, but Rieki helps me to get in the zone and be able to meditate. It is such a wonderful thing. The more people who get on board the Rieki train, the better the world will be.

Eleonore Koury I soooo agree on that Deborah Dalesandro the more people on the reiki train the lighter and freer our world 🙂 it certainly my vision and mission with Reiki Unleashed and was Usui’s vision — that reiki would help heal humanity and the world <3

Lynette – Yes!

Parijat –I try my best to do self treatment almost everyday. I feel I need to since I’m in remission. Sometimes….. maybe it’s 5 times a week, when I’m lazy or stressed from work.
I feel very balanced and “safe” after my Reiki ritual. In the mornings before I leave the house I draw the symbols and send it to my son and husband, and for myself…..I draw an imaginary box and I feel sheltered as if I’m in a cocoon. Weird … but that’s how I feel!

What more can be expressed about the immense benefits of a consistent Reiki self treatment.  I believe the above speaks for itself.  If you are struggeling with your practice, I highly recommend reconnecting with your teacher, getting a tune up, re attunement or attending a training.  It can also be as simple as reconnecting with your class notes, manual or audio self treatment accompaniment.  Reiki truly is the gift that keeps on giving — but it requires our consistent connection to truly experience its boundless benefits.


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