Sanju Kannon & the Mental Emotional Symbol

In our last Reiki Tune Up, Reiki Unleashed practitioners delved  deeper into the connection with the Grace of Reiki and the ever present support of the Bhoddisatvas associated with this ancient practice. Usui passed on the mental emotional symbol to his students with the intention that Sanju Kannon, also known as Quan Yin, (and corellated to Mother Mary) would be present in the session transforming mental emotional suffering, destructive patterns, and Kharma into refined mental emotional faculties of intuitive knowing, natural telepathic abilities and deep wisdom/freedom —

Sanju Kannon as shown here in this image referred to as Quan Yin, is said to have a thousand arms with which she assists, protects and blesses humanity.  When we take the time to meditate on the mental emotional symbol, and its original sanskrit seed syllable Hrih, from which Usui derived the shape (shirushi) of the mental emotional symbol, we have the opportunity to open to the unlimited manner in which this boddhisatva is available to assist and transform those areas within us and our lives that lead to suffering.  Similar to the very essence of Reiki, this symbol connects us to the unlimited ability of Sanju Kannon’s grace and blessing to support and transform our path.

The reality is all that we need is to simply open to the flow of Reiki and its subtle power of transformation, however the additional tools of the symbols and the support of the Bhoddisatvas and ascended masters reminds us of the many tools this simple practice offers us and the reality that we are never alone, very much embraced, and intended to walk the path with the support of our ancestors and guides.

The Fall season, which we are currently in, is the time of year in which light recedes in the day, but the light of Grace strengthens, dissolving the veil between us and the bhoddisatvas/ angels/ ascended masters/ancestors opening us up to a greater degree to their blessings and gifts. — as one of our Master practitioners mentioned in our gathering, in order to best benefit from their presence we must first ask for those blessings, guidance, support and consequently open to receive.

May this Fall Season bring with it many mystical magical blessings of grace, love and illumination on your path.

Eleonore Koury | Kampalpriya Kaur
Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist | Certified Kundalini Yoga & Restorative Yoga Instructor | Spiritual & Life Coach
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