A True Reiki Practice

In preparing for my Reiki II students I was enjoying refreshing through my mentors manuals and books and came across this beautiful excerpt in reading from Frank Arjava Petter’s book This Is Reiki. The excerpt reflects the members of Usuis Gakkai (community) “each member shall work upon themselves to build character and to purify the heart. In order to remain healthy, take care of yourself eat and rest well. Give yourself Reiki daily. Reiki helps all parts of the body; it stimulates the body’s immune system. It activates the inner organs and helps with the regeneration of new cells…” pg50

So beautifully exemplifies the simple yet powerful practice of Reiki, and the immense gift it gives us on a daily basis.  I recently shared with my Reiki II graduates that simple mindful meditation and deep breathing are the essence of the Reiki system.  This is not something anyone can give to a Reiki practitioner, but more a gift to give to oneself on a daily basis.

The quote above so clearly and beautifully states that each member must work on themselves and practice daily, that is truly where the fruits bare.  Many a times, eager students come to trainnings and want instantaneous results and profound experiences.  Its often forgotten that Usui was a devoted meditator and practicing Buddhist, spending years in his practice, leading to his profound experience with Reiki on Mount Kurama.

To come to a class expecting flashy lights and deep Aha’s, though often does occur, is short sighted of the students on personal development and practice.  The training is simply a part of the journey.  For some a starting point of a mindfulness practice, for others a deepening in a self care routine, and others an expansion of a spiritual or professional path.  The true ‘flash’ and deep awareness happens in ones own inner canvass each day as one rises and greets their inner consciousness and their Source.

Mikao Usui emphasized to his students, day and night practice the precepts and daily embodiment of Reiki and the symbols.  In my experience it is this simple dedication, that is not necessarily easy, which cultivates a vast open space for presence, syncrhonistic flow, and dharmic bliss.

As we leave the Piscenean age of the few Guru’s/Prophets, into the Aquarian age in which we are our own Guru/Prophet, it is our daily contact that ignites our light and illuminates our path.  We are then surrounded by awake grand community, supporting and inspiring each others inner light, sharing our radiance.  It is such a shift that engenders each one of us to take full responsibility for our path, evolving out of  lazy, rebellious and resistant adolescences to wise yet youthful beings embodying our practice, living in truth and clarity, co creating a sustainable vibrant world.

That is in essence the vision of Mikao Usui and his system of Reiki.

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