The Mystical Teachings of Whales

While in Big Sur, CA recently I had the great delight of seeing the gentle giants of the Sea on their yearly migration to warmer waters.  Their presence brought me back to a precious moment 6 years ago where I had a close encounter with a very special humpback whale who impacted so many of us with its mystical teachings.  The following is an adaptation of an article I wrote from this deeply inspiring experience in 2009.  Though 6 years ago, the teachings of this little whale very much apply to our current times.  May it inspire a sense of wonder and awe in you and enrich your time both in Nature and in meditation:

“On Tuesday morning June 2nd 2009 I was awoken at 2:30 am and unable to go back to sleep so I continued to watch a video I had been watching the evening before, an IMAX on dolphins.  It was so beautiful and powerful to watch these majestic beings and learn about their brilliance and their gentleness.  The most beautiful scenes included the dance between humans and dolphins in water, oneness exemplified.  No separation, God, nature and human as one.

After completing the video I was filled with creative energy and began to do some creative work, but I also felt this impulse to go on an early bike ride to the Marina Peninsula.  So finally at 6:30am I got on bike and started riding.  It was a crisp, refreshing day, with a haze of clouds that brought a stillness to the ocean.  I road out to the end of the jetty, locked my bike and walked out on the rocks all the way to the edge where they met the ocean.  I found a flat rock bed and sat.  I began to journal and was clearing some emotional stagnation, feeling a little low…within minutes I heard a powerful sound to my right unlike I’d ever heard there.  I waited a moment not sure it was what I thought it was, and then again I heard this loud release of air from a spout, in absolute chock I stood several yards away from a whale.  I couldn’t believe what I saw!  I had been wishing to see dolphins, little did I know I would be visited by a whale, something I thought I would only see through a whale watching excursion.  What abundance!

I looked away and then back again and it rose again with another exhale.  Everything became surreal.  There was no one around me and the air and water were still. I began to beam Reiki from my eyes and felt a layer of light encompass the whole scene.  I sat, watched and felt.  I felt this oneness emerge between me and my surroundings and a sense of deep communing with the whale.  I realize now that the Reiki energy was a bridge that connected me vibrationaly to this mammal and deepened my experience.  A deep kinship – something from long ago was being stirred and I felt as if a message was being delivered from the whale – “you are not alone, we hear you, we are here.”  Later I looked through my books and came across the animal medicine of whales – they are the history keepers, here from the beginning of time and they return now to assist humanity in healing and bringing balance to the world.

I know it may seem hilarious that I believe this whale came as a messenger.  But I believe that unusual natural occurrences are often times messages to humanity, and can only be recognized if we allow them.  While the whale stayed at our bay so many stories emerged that it was possibly sick, injured or lost.  However day after day for over two weeks it returned to our bay to disprove any of these stories.  It was simply here enjoying the feeding ground and an opportunity to release barnacles from its body. But most of all I believe it was here to bring us a gift and a message – blessing us with its presence.

Unknowingly to many this whale was healing and teaching us. I believe mammals are incredible teachers of breath, presence and Reiki.  During its visit, it was amazing to witness the connection occurring among folks.  I have walked this Peninsula for many years and for the most part people are either in their own space or enjoying their inner circles of company.  With the presence of this whale it seemed all barriers dissolved and strangers were connecting, talking and bonding.  Even more strange were the periods of stillness that arose amongst a large group of people.  Long stretches of time would pass with no talking, simply witnessing the emergence of the whale, the whole group in anticipation of its movement, and every once in awhile a word of awe would be released.

First and foremost this whale’s visit has left me in deep reverence at the wonder and abundance of nature and how nature can reflect the truth and purity of Spirit.  Through its slow movements I was reminded of presence and through its air spout I was reminded of the breath.  As I mentioned earlier, it is said that the whales are the history keepers.  Reminding us of where we come from, hundred’s of thousands of years ago, during the time of Lumeria, a civilization at one with nature, each other and Spirit.  It is also said that the whale is here to assist us in evolving to that oneness and to teach us the wisdom of the old ways.

And so it is that this whale visit reflected to me the emergence of our renewed world.  Though the surface world has still much strife and uncertainty.  I believe the divine is very much awakening on this planet and that the oneness many of us seek to integrate is becoming more and more a reality.

 It is said that the Australian aborigines as well as the Native Hawaiian’s operate in dreamtime,  past, present and future here now in each moment and the sacred part of every aspect of life. As I witnessed the whale many mornings during its visit I witnessed groups of people gathered together, strangers finding a common connection. Though the profane was still very much around us, the sacred was ever so present connecting us to the past, the future, to each other, to nature and to the divine spark within all.
The whale began to be known as “Rey” for Marina Del Rey, and soon began to be a celebrity with pictures and articles in newspapers and magazines.  Towards the end of its visit stories began to be written about the concern for Rey’s extended stay and possibly needing to assist it in heading North.

It was interesting to see how many were, though delighted, somewhat uncomfortable with the whales visit, always wanting to create a story or some drama. But is that not the truth of humanity when it comes to change or unusual/supernormal occurrences.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly was one of those folks in the beginning.  But what I came to realize early on was if I were to truly enjoy this experience I would need to stop getting into the drama and story, something I work on in general.  Why not just accept this phenomena, this little miracle visit and enjoy its blessing!  Why not be present and enjoy the abundance.

And so it was that soon after these stories of an assisted departure began to circulate, on June 22nd, Rey departed on its own with approximately 50 dolphins at its side.
Quite a beautiful image to behold!

Thank you Rey for your blessing, your delight and your teachings.  One of the most awesome experiences of my life yet.  What an  experience to have witnessed your visit for those three weeks…from that unexpected morning sitting on a rock at the end of the jetty, right after I had written in my journal ‘I wish I could see dolphins’…within minutes I heard your spout releasing air!!!  Thank you for your beautiful entrance into my life, for bringing the ordinary to a level of extraordinary and for moments of magic, awe and wonder in your presence.  But most of all thank you for reminding me that abundance is everywhere – the connective web of light all around us and within us all, human, animal or mammal.”

adapted from article written for Awareness Magazine September/October 2009 edition “Abundance is Everywhere…A Whale Visit Tells Us So.”

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