Reiki Through The Finger Tips & The Bodies Miraculous Healing Ability


In renewing my Jikiden Reiki Training I asked the instructor why Mikao Usui has us focus on the middle finger  She replied: Mikao Usui had us focus on the middle finger in Gassho not only as a point of concentration but because the middle finger is said to be the greatest facilitator of the Reiki energy – Transmitting most powerfully.

Since then I have been recently rediscovering the use of Reiki through the finger tips!  Reiki does not only flow through the palm but the entire hand and using the finger tips is a great way to focus the energy especially when dealing with specific areas.  A great reference for this technique is The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui by Frank Arjava Petter pp 33-37 as well as other pages.

If you are not Reiki attuned and trained, please find a Reiki training first before trying this.  The process of facilitating Reiki truly occurs in its purest form once attuned through a certified teacher along with receiving the proper training.

Reiki practitioners experiment with this concept and see how it feels — I recently used it on myself for a cut on a finger that had swollen up. I could so palpably feel Reiki flowing though my finger and impacting my biofield on the cut wound.  The heat that was coming out of my finger was like a lazer pentrating the area.  The next morning the open scab was closed and within a day the swelling had gone.

We often expect results immediately with any condition.  And if we don’t see the results we feel nothing has happened and we dismiss the power of Reiki.  The reality is the body has a process, and though Reiki speeds up that healing process, it often takes time.  If we are willing to allow the process and witness its cycles, we will most probably see miraculous healings.  Reiki is not only a technique of relaxation and promoting well being.  It is a technique that ignites the bodies ability to heal.  It is also a system of observation, of detachment and of facilitation.  The miraculous is truly the body and the way it is innately designed to restore, renew and rebuild.  Reiki is the vehicle that triggers, awakens, and supports the bodies innate healing power and the experienced practitioner develops the mastery to facilitate a session that allows this miracle to occur.

Join us in our upcoming Reiki II class and  Advanced Training in which we will explore these topics and experiment with these techniques.

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