Grace and New Perspectives This Fall 2015

As syncrhonicity would have it, I stumbled upon Ram Dass while in Maui this September.  It was a by chance event, as I was looking for a 5 Rythms Dance class, instead I received the deep pleasure of being in Ram Dass’s presence as he spoke to us about Grace in the midst of life’s challenges.  He called it “Spirit is in the stuff of life”.  He had recently been in Maui Memorial Rehab Center for an injured ankle that got severlly infected. And so he was rich with experience on discovering Spirit in the clinical setting.

I was fascinated with the continued synchronicity, as  his talk was amazingly similar to the podcast I had just recorded the day before.  It was also interesting to find he had just spent sometime at a Rehab Center, which I too had been very intimate with back in LA in caring for my father.  His reflection of his experience there helped deepen my perspective of the Divine working in mysterious ways and places, even amidst  the hardship of attending to numerous challenges with my father’s care.

Ram Dass shared a story with the audience of his teachers student who had told him she had much suffering in her life.  His response was “I have had suffering too, but I see suffering as a road to God.”  Ram Dass then added “I found Maui Memorial staff were karma yogis and my ankle helped me find grace in Maui Memorial.”  Allan who was leading the conversation and talk with Ram Dass replied “Does this mean there is no place without God.”

“yup”, said Ram Dass “perceive stuff as Spirit change your mind about stuff (meaning hardship in life) change your perspective about the “stuff” that is happening.”  “My mind is yuk, jealousy etc – all that stuff.  I’ll be jealous and say to myself ‘what am I doing here?’ that’s my mind, that is where jealousy is, and then I say to myself ‘I’m witnessing jealousy”  “Witnessing is the Soul, and we have so many planes of consciousness.  We often get stuck in one plane of consciousness.  Suffering, challenges captivates our consciousness.  I witness suffering and the witness is another plane of consciousness, it is the soul, the obsever.”

Ram Dass then said “My ankle is Grace”

Allan so beautifully ended the talk with “All is Grace then”

Ram Dass “Yes!”

Often when we find ourselves in such hardship, and when it keeps coming we think something must be wrong, or that we are doing something wrong.  We often forget that Grace, Spirit, the Divine is there in the hardship and there is a divine purpose in it all.  Our practice whether it be yoga, meditation, prayer, exercises, Reiki, enables us to activate that higher plane of conciousness Ram Dass spoke of, and observe the events from our soul perspective in order to gain a larger view and find the grace amidst the intensity.  From our higher plane of consciousness we are then better able to make appropriate decisions and take actions needed, rather than reacting and perpetuating the suffering.

Often our ability to tap into a higher plane of consciousness gives us a whole new perspective into a situation that initially appears horrific or insurmoutable.  Our higher plane of consciousness, our Spirit, our Soul is like being on a mountain top above the clouds where everything is clear and we are untouched by the events troubling us.  This Fall Season gives us the opportunity to utilize the natural cycle of slowing down, grounding, quieting and opening to deeper self reflection, and integration. It also gives us an opportunity to Harvest  the fruits of the past years labor/creative endeavors and spend more time in gratitude and thanks at the bounty in our lives versus the current challenges.  It is amazing when we move into that space of noticing the good, how life becomes so rich so fast, and how the blessings and goodness flood in, simply through our shift in perspective and focus.

In this Fall Season give your self the gift of your practice — steeping in more yin restorative yoga, Nature based practices and nourishing Reiki, so as to allow the natural cycle of your body, mind, soul and life to reflect, integrate and harness the unbounded gifts awaiting you of grace and infinite blessings this season.

Rich Blessings, Eleonore

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