Drought and Sustainable Living Tips

Often we can feel quite powerless with California’s continued drought, watching many of our canyons and yards disintegrate to brown fields.  With the gift of Reiki we can certainly bring our practice into all of our interaction with nature.  While walking in nature we can intend and invite Reiki to flow through our feet applying Reiki with every step we take.  We can also invoke the power symbol, drawing it and motioning into the ground and brush around us.  One of my favorite ways to bring Reiki to nature is to hold a brush or tree branch with my hand and simply intend that Reiki flow as needed and desired.  I often quickly feel and experience the flow filling my body and the tree itself, with a circular flow as the tree itself flows energy back to me.

Tadao Yamaguchi, in the Jikiden Reiki Tradition, used Emoto’s water crystal experiment with Reiki.  The results were water crystals taking on a beautiful geometric pattern for two separate Reiki treatments (Yamaguchi, Light on the Origins of Reiki, pp. 104-106). This beautifully demonstrates how Reiki so positively affects the molecular make up of all of nature and that, though we may not see the results right away, Reiki can have a significant impact over time.

Another way we can support the drought and live more ecologically, is to mindfully and consciously relate to the land and to the way we live.  Recently living in a house with lots of land, gardens and nature around me I have had the opportunity to put into practice much of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years in permaculture training and research.  One of the gems has been capturing water used in our sink while washing dishes and utilizing it to water the garden. We’ve also placed a bucket in our shower and plan to do the same in our bathroom sink. Make sure the soap you are using is biodegradable and plant friendly.  A helpful hint is having one bucket that captures water that is warming or for rinsing without soap and another that contains soap.  Some plants are pretty hearty and can thrive on “grey water” others are more sensitive. You can test out different areas, and alternate between “grey water” and regular water.

Other ways we are living more closely with the land is being aware of our trash and how we recycle it.  We’ve recently learned that we can compost our vegetable, fruit and grain scraps,  into the green yard bin.  If you live an apartment complex simply ask your landlord or management company where the yard bins are.  Here is a great link to more info on this topic. http://locallosangeles.blogspot.com/2008/12/los-angeles-trash-part-1-green.html check your city’s regulations. Some areas allow even more scraps in the green bins for composting.

As nature and the Earth continues to go through her cycles and weather changes, many communities all around the world are discovering and creating innovative ways of living more sustainably and eco-consciously.  The beauty about our consistent Reiki practice is that it brings everything back into its natural order/wholeness, making us more mindful not only about our own bodies and minds, but also that of the Earth and humanity.  We become more aware of the way we relate to the natural world, and areas where we may be over consuming or unconsciously wasteful.  This then allows us to be more present with the natural world around us, remembering that all of life is interconnected and that the way we relate and interact with the natural world will not only contribute to the health of our planet but also support and enhance our life experience, contributing to a deep sense of rest and wellness.

I look forward to hearing from you and the many ways all of you bring Reiki into nature as well as any sustainable practices  that would benefit our community



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