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One of the many gifts I received from my Karuna Reiki Training was the use of chanting as part of the Reiki healing system.  I was blessed with taking the Karuna Master training twice in 2011. My first teacher was Corinne Johnson who was taught by William Lee Rand and my second was Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird.  At first the use of chanting and toning felt odd and uncomfortable especially in a session. However during my second training I saw the affects and benefits this had on the recipient. Recently in teaching a Karuna Reiki® Practitioner training, I was shown not only its affect on the individual receiving it but also on the overall environment and space being used.  The vibration created by the chanting impacted the client and also raised the frequency of energy in the space.  I observed Reiki flow through the sound current and had the awareness that Reiki flows through my throat chakra and utilizes the chant in the same way that it utilized my palms to heal and harmonize.

During my course of study with Karuna Reiki I was introduced to Jonathan Goldman’s CD Reiki Chants. On this CD the 4 Usui symbols are chanted. As a result of both my Karuna Reiki®  Training and this CD I began to find myself spontaneously chanting the symbols around the house. Then I read one of Colleen Benelli’s articles in which she spoke of invoking the symbols in the room not just through drawing them or visualizing them but also through chanting them. The flood gates began to open and my relationship with the symbols took on a whole new level. I fell in love with chanting my symbols throughout the day.  

I chanted them in the morning as I started my day, in the shower, while preparing my meals, as I prepared for clients, while cleaning my home and also on my walks on the beach or in the canyons. During the Karuna Reiki® Practitioner training I was teaching one student mentioned she wasn’t listening to music or radio while driving any more and was chanting the symbols instead. I adopted this practice and found it very calming while sitting in traffic and another great way to send Reiki forward to my destination or into the traffic block. 

Kundalini Yoga came into my life at the same time that Reiki was introduced to me. Both have been a part of my spiritual practice and foundation for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until 2012 that I felt the call to take my Kundalini Yoga practice to the next level and complete the Teachers Training program.  One of the unique qualities of Kundalini yoga that is somewhat different from Hatha or Iyungar yoga is the great use of chant throughout the practice, we are chanting different mantras as we open our practice, when we close, and during the exercises silently or out loud. I recently heard that Yogi Bhajan  stated it is not so much what the chant means as much as what it does.  The sound current creates a vibration that impacts first the physical body particularly the glands, organs and nervous system and then subsequently opens greater awareness to the participant, connecting them more clearly to their wisdom,  higher self, and the divine intelligence of the Universe.  Chanting opens us up to the power of the subtle realms, and the impact vibration and sound alone has on our bodies and the world around us.

The following quote describes this well  “ The entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. Putting it poetically, God spoke and the world came into being.  There is a vibratory frequency that corresponds to everything in the universe. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds, you tune into various levels of  intelligence, or consciousness.  Situations, people, and events respond to the signals you send out. The vibratory frequency of a mantra draws to you whatever you are vibrating.”  The Aquarian Teacher Kundalini Yoga Study Guide

As I began to chant the Reiki symbols I found the same to be true. I felt the vibrational field the sound current created around me. Unlike yoga practices, Reiki does not require anything on our part to be generated. As soon as I invite Reiki to flow, divine intelligence flows through me. So as I begin to chant the symbols I quickly feel the warmth flowing through my body and a buoyant field of calm and grace surrounding me.

In chanting the symbols there is a subtle yet powerful invitation for the vibration of Reiki into the space I am inhabiting. William Lee Rand, in his Reiki I and II training CDs, reminds us about using the symbols for goal setting because everything operates through vibration . Everything connects and is attracted or repelled to us through vibration. As we chant the symbols we are actively participating in raising the vibrational field within us and around us. This is true of Reiki alone without any chant. However the additional use of chant increases the vibrational field through the sound current and enhances the experience.

All of nature exemplifies the power of chanting. Whale songs are an example of sound currents creating a vibrational field to communicate between individual and groups of whales. The morning dove or song bird chants its song with a repetitive melody. Both often repeat the same song over and over. Repetition creating a pattern and delivering an imprint.  The same is true of the continual sound current created by a whale or dolphin underwater. For all mammals and birds their main vehicle of communication is through these repetitive sound currents, keeping their communities connected and also creating a connective field in their environment between them, nature, and all of life. Some have theorized that the whale song may not only be for the purpose of communicating between each other, but possibly for the vibrational support of the Earth. That possibly the sound currents created by whales play a part in the sustance of the ecosystems and biosphere of the Earth, it’s energetic as well as geographic grid.
This can bring a new perspective on our relationship to chanting the Reiki symbols. Not only are the symbols bringing about specific results of healing but through chanting them regularly we may contribute to the strengthening of the magnetic field of the Earth, raising the vibration in our environment and consequently impacting the environments around us. 

As we are now in the Aquarian age the power of the subtle realm is strengthening and we are becoming more and more aware of living and relating energetically. We are more aware that all of creation originates through vibration, sound, thought, feeling. In chanting the power symbol as we awaken and go about our morning routine we are aligning to this awareness and participating in creating our day through sound.  Like the birds and the whales we humans have our song as well. It is not limited to those gifted with beautiful voices and tones.  We all have access to vocalizing through song. They say the language of the soul is music. Through regular chanting we are participating in consistent soul communication between us, our communities, our environment and the Universe.

I invite you to bring simple ways of chanting into your daily life:

Chant the power symbol while taking a shower and preparing your food. The power symbol strengthens the Reiki flow and brings all the power of the Universe to your action and intention.

Chant the distant symbol sending Reiki your phone call or while writing up your emails intending clear open successful communication.  Chant the distant symbol into
your day, your projects, and your loved ones visualizing the golden violet light of Reiki surrounding all that you are sending too

Chant the Usui master symbol to connect you more clearly to your higher guidance and bringing it into your daily affairs

The Tibetan and Karuna Reiki symbols are also great for chanting. Find creative ways to bring the beauty and power of song/chant into your daily use of Reiki and you will find your journey enriched, opening to a new dimension of your practice.

© Eleonore Koury 2014

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