Basic Steps for Daily Meditation

Start with 5 minutes a day and work up.  This will fluctuate some times it will be 10-60 minutes other times it will return to 5 minutes.  The point is to stay consistent. Do something daily.  The consistency creates momentum and allows for a new pattern to anchor in your system.  The benefits are a strong energy system, spiritual connection, mental and emotional clarity, inner peace, connection to the source within.

  • Find a comfortable place in your space that is dedicated to prayer and meditation preferably near your altar. This can also be done outside.
  • It is most beneficial to find a place and a time period that you go to daily for consistency.
  • Dress comfortably
  • Sit in lotus position or whatever position works for you.  Keep spine straight and aligned.  Hands on lap or in Namaste position to keep you connected to your heart center.
  • Take a few deep breaths bringing you in the present moment in the now and release any tension letting out any sounds through your mouth.
  • Then begin to breathe naturally, easily.  Bring your awareness to your nostrils, breathing in and out.  Allowing the breath to naturally move in and move out.
  • When thoughts emerge just notice them like clouds in the sky then return to your breath. Bring the focus back in the Now.
  • If uncomfortable emotions emerge allow them to move through don’t attach or figure it out just let them clear out and come back to the breath.
  • Allow the breath to move you into your inner sacred space where all is whole and complete. The place of inner calm and absolute peace.
  • Allow yourself to Be there.  Be with the Peace. Be with the Joy.  Be with the Ease and Grace. Letting go completely of outer distractions or mental chatter.
  • Be with the Stillness.
  • Continue to bring your awareness to your breath and allow the breath to then return you to your space.

When you are ready (or if the alarm sets off) then just complete with a few cleansing breaths, slowly open your eyes.
In addition:
Develop a witness.  Your witness notices the events that are occurring and your internal world without attaching or reacting.

Add a Mantra to your meditation, a word or phrase for your mind to focus on, ex: Sat Nam, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Shanti, Om. etc.

You have put in a few minutes into your Peace Bank.  This will be a reservoir built up to aid you through out the day to meet any challenges that come your way.  Remember at any point during the day you experience agitation or discontentment, uncomfortable emotions, engage your witness, observe what is happening within you and around you, bring your awareness to the breath and to the present moment.  Allow the discontent to pass like clouds and return to the breath.  This will allow you to receive insight and clarity on any action that needs to be taken vs. reacting to circumstances outside of you or emotions and thoughts within you. You can then choose to move from a one pointed focus on your vision.

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