What Does It Mean When My Reiki Hands Are Cold

When working with Reiki the predominant temperature is warmth, however Reiki also flows as cool/cold and so sometimes if your hands are cold it may be that there is a need for that.

Cold in Japanese Reiki is interpreted as there isn’t a flow of life force energy in that area of the persons body, so it can be an indication that there is a block there, toxins etc…and normally if you stay there a while, Reiki will help to move and process the block and warmth will return.

There was one class where actually my assistant was receiving a treatment from one of the students and she said her hands were so cold and she was cold most of the session. She was recommending the student rub her palms together to warm them. But when she remarked this I told the assistant that actually Reiki was probably breaking up some blockages.

several weeks later I received an email from my assistant with amazement that after 20 years of not having taste or smell they had returned, she could taste foods she hadn’t for years and could smell scents she couldn’t for years….she had an aha moment realizing that was the extreme cold she was feeling in the Reiki session.

Keep it simple when explaining to others…simply say” Reiki flows in warmth, cool and tingly currents…depending on what your body is needing to process and how it is rebalancing”

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