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Reiki and Chanting

One of the many gifts I received from my Karuna Reiki Training was the use of chanting as part of the Reiki healing system.  I was blessed with taking the Karuna Master training twice in 2011. My first teacher was … Continue reading

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Basic Steps for Daily Meditation

Start with 5 minutes a day and work up.  This will fluctuate some times it will be 10-60 minutes other times it will return to 5 minutes.  The point is to stay consistent. Do something daily.  The consistency creates momentum … Continue reading

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How The 5 Reiki Principles Work In Day To Day Life

I personally find the Reiki principles great guide posts to Living.  I believe Usui created them with that intention.  He asked his students to recite them morning and night with the Gassho Meditation. I know many of my students have … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean When My Reiki Hands Are Cold

When working with Reiki the predominant temperature is warmth, however Reiki also flows as cool/cold and so sometimes if your hands are cold it may be that there is a need for that. Cold in Japanese Reiki is interpreted as … Continue reading

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