Sacred Ventures
Healing and Awakening Individually and Collectively
Sacred Journey 2007/2008
Discovering this magical Isle, with its
mysticism and grandeur
Rainbows on the road to Galway

Powerscourt, Wicklow Co.
Greystones North Beach
Reiki Master Training in Hana Maui, Hawaii
William Lee Rand, July 2006
Basking in the energy of Hawaii and its origins in
Ancient Lumeria, the birth place of Reiki
Sacred Journey in The Bamboo Forest of
Hana, Hawaii
On the way to Seven Sacred Pools
Hana, Hawaii
William Lee Rand and Reiki Masters from around the
Spirit Quest in Molokai, Hawaii
ARAS, May 2004

Thank you Gaia and Great Divine Mother for your
many gifts. Thank you Great Spirit for the courage to
see and experience it.

Pilgrimage To Crete, Greece
Solo, June 2003
Reclaiming the Power of the Feminine
Reconnecting with the natural beauty of this Neolithic Island and
Reconnecting to Ancient Wisdom as I Pilgrimaged ancient sites.
The Palace of Knossos
From the Minoan Civilization in the Neolithic
honoring the oneness of all of life.  Nature and
human as an interconnected web.
Samaria, Longest Gorge in Europe
Natural Springs still remain drinkable today
Halawa Valley
A gift from Ireland - My Partner
Simon - thank you for introducing
me to this magical Island and for
the magic and mystery you bring
to my life
Sacred Journey to
Big Island, Hawaii 2009
Researching the Islands for 2010's
Reiki/Meditation Retreat
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I am forever filled with wonder and awe at
the marvels of this beautiful planet and
our Universe.