"It has been so much more then I expected. I have been feeling so joyful since this process began.  I feel a continual change in my body like I've never felt before, It's not physical.  I
feel I am on the path to becoming a better person.  I think I've always know that I am here to be more, to give more on a spiritual, energetic level.  I just wasn't sure how to get there.  
You, Eleonore have shown me how, and I am so grateful to you."

" I am so grateful to my classmates and to you for making it so comfortable and inviting.  I am walking away much more aware of the promise and joy of Reiki and(this is the good
part) I realize there is so much left to learn.  Thank You!"

"I had always been interested in Reiki.  I signed up at the last minute.  I felt so comfortable and at ease with the process.  The information and the style of the class made
understanding very easy.  The constant practice reinforced the information we were given.  It was great and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in Reiki."

"I feel a greater connection with Spirit.  Extremely relaxed abundant meditation.  Positive loving energy in a comfortable setting.  I was shown a way to use divine wisdom to help

"Well, I did not imagine what a treat learning, embodying this Reiki would be I'm over the moon right now it has been wonderful exploring with like minded spirits."

I was able to open my heart even more. I am a true believer in Reiki.  Our teacher was superb! I felt very comfortable and accepted."

"Not only have I been blessed by the attunement to Reiki energy and your wonderful classes (I&II) but I sense that I have taken a major step into reclaiming the person I once was and
have been trying to re-find.  thank you."

"This was a day of transformation, growth and blissful energy.  I feel greatly empowered and have also learned a great deal.  This has been an extremely powerful experience, the full
depth of which I'm sure is yet to be revealed... The training and attunement ... were sublime.  You are truly a gifted teacher and you have changed my life forever in the most beautiful
and positive way."

"Reiki is amazing-I never thought that I could do Reiki so fast - learning to connect to Divine energy.  The week was stressful, overwhelming, but I was surprised the way I handled the
stress. I felt at peace with the stress, quiet, in control and accepting the flow of stress-Letting it Be, and everything was falling into place.  It was a very nice training, covering almost
everything.  The vibration coming from Eleonore was so peaceful, happy, relaxed...the energy I get from her is - LOVE."

"I can say that I came in not knowing what I will experience.  I like evidence and the idea that everything can be explained; I did not know how to let go of this tendency to explain
everything; but through this course I did just that and in the end the results were amazing.  Results emerged and I began to better understand that the energy does not reveal itself
when we want it, but rather when we are ready."

"How do you express 12 hours of a spiritual journey?  Nothing other than perfection.  A prefect place, a perfect time, a perfect group....It was a piece of heaven here on earth.  Like
Moses on the Mountain when he received the 10 commandments.  A place of calm and sanctuary to find in myself.  A place of knowing that my highest good is always creating just
that.  A reminder to heal myself and let others "go" through their pilgrimage.  A reminder to step out of my own way and release my ego and attachments.  What a joy to share this with
this group.  Everyone is so unique.  Isn't it a small world after all."

Trainings and Workshops
I have now taken all four levels of Reiki Training with Eleonore and
have found each and every one to be sublime. Eleonore is a highly
gifted teacher who has helped me make my journey to becoming a
teacher.  I am enternally grateful to Eleonore for her sweet spirit, her
profound teaching and her loony laugh. Great love to you, Eleonore."

to register by phone or email
call 310-462-4114, email

Reiki Training Schedule 2013
Usui/Tibetan System and Karuna Reiki®
For detailed description and pricing of each
level and to
register online follow links

Reiki I
Sat Oct 19
Reiki II
Sun Oct 20

Advanced Reiki Training
Fri Dec 20,  9:45am-5:00pm
Reiki Master Training
Sat-Sun Dec 21-22, 9:45am-5:00pm

Karuna Reiki® Practitioner Training
taught privately, contact Eleonore to
schedule a class

Karuna Reiki® Master Training
taught privately, contact Eleonore to
schedule a class

Certification Upon Completion of Each Level
Private Individual or Group Classes
Available, Inquire
Group Reiki Healing Night with Kundalini Yoga
also known as Reiki Circle
Open to Reiki Practitioners and New Comers

If you are new to Reiki join us for an informative, fun and healing evening -- learn what Reiki is and how
it can benefit you and get an opportunity to experience Reiki in a safe and gentle group setting.  This is
also a time created for Reiki practitioners to strengthen their practice, ask questions, share swaps and
share the gift of Reiki with newcomers. We will also add
Kundalini Yoga kriyas, mantras, and
breathing techniques
(pranayam) that support opening our channel to more clearly channel Reiki in
its highest good. Its a beautiful evening coming together in community to share this gift that nourishes
the soul,  supporting us in these transformational times. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a
powerful technology that strengthens our nervous system and glandular system while expanding our
awareness and consciousness. This fortifies and increases our experience of transmitting Reiki both for
our selves and others.

double click on screen for full view
Eleonore introduces Reiki on The Conner
Bubble Cable TV Show
click on screen for full view
What is Reiki?
What does it do? How can it help me? How do I learn it?
Reiki - a transformational tool for our evolving times
read article featured in Awareness Magazine
A Guided Self Treatment
and Mediative Word, A Journey Within CDs
with Eleonore Koury
$12.95 each, 2 for $20
sample cds and/or purchase

to purchase The Chakra Chart mentioned
in my Reiki CD go to
Group Reiki Healing Teleconference
Open Newcomers to All Reiki Practitioners
Next Teleconference date to be announced

Join Us for this
Great Opportunity to Support yourself, your loved ones and your world
A teleconference Reiki Circle in which we will begin with a group meditation to help us anchor in our center and fuel with
the Reiki energy, next an opportunity for each of you to receive group Reiki for yourself or anyone you would like to send
to. We will also have an opportunity for anyone to ask questions or receive support in their personal Reiki practice,
similar to how we do it in Reiki Circles. We will conclude with a group distant Reiki session to individuals supporting and
resisting the planets healing and evolution, assisting all in moving forward towards the highest good.
"I attended....not sure what to expect, but expecting the best, interested in
knowing about Reiki. In the meeting Eleonore gave a view of Reiki. I was
amazed how Reiki connected with me during my Reiki session. I felt a
sense of peace & overwhelming warmth, that took over my body. The
experience was powerful. Today I experience less & less knee pain. I went
from taking pain pills everyday to none, and my outlook on life is positive..."
Michelle Williamson
Join us Sept 12,  6:30pm-8:30pm
Live Yoga Wellness in Westchester
directions on website
$25 register online
or pay at the door

or purchase three sessions and recieve $7 discount
(good for 1 year))