Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga For the Beginner and Seasoned Yogi
LiveYoga Wellness in Westchester
W. 83rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Great for all those interested in learning about Kundalini Yoga and for the Seasoned Yogi who
wants to strengthen their practice

Kundalini yoga fills our body with  prana / life force and supports the body’s natural detoxing and
healing ability. It also supports us energetically, lifting our spirits.  It releases negativity that may
have accumulated and brings an internal and external radiance.

In this workshop you will participate in a kriya designed to build strength and clarity, utilizing
“sun energy” to purify, aid digestion and clear the mind
.  We will complete our afternoon with
most researched meditation of Kundalini Yoga with tested positive results bringing total
mental balance to the psyche, balancing the polarities of the brain while increasing
intuition, resulting in greater flow in our lives

Dates to be announced
$25.00 pre register here by July 26th or $30 thereafter