Seeds of Love supports the awakening of the Divine Feminine in our collective consciousness uplifting
us all in these transformational times.
A guide on how to live in the Aquarian Age as balanced individuals honoring both the divine masculine
and the divine feminine within each of us and our world.

Seeds of Love
is a call to awaken and a message of love. Reminding us that God, Universal Consciousness, or
whatever you call it, is a loving presence.  It is equally feminine as it is masculine, ultimately One, with no
separation, no gender, no distinction.  It is a source of compassion, nourishment, grace, ease, wisdom
and on and on.   

Seeds of Love tells us that we are so deeply loved and cared for and part of a great interconnected web of light,
living in amazing times of personal and planetary transformation.

You will find Seeds of Love a heart-warming and inspiring read, and a guide you can refer to over and over again.

"Your book is keeps feeding me."
--June Kim, Escoteric Healer and Finance Manager

"I just finished your book. What an inspiration and what a gift your prayers and visions of our world are.
Thank you for sharing your journey. It has stirred something deep in me and I am most grateful."
-- Roberta Falke, PhD

"My favorite parts are the wisdom that come through the Divine Mother/Father - they ring true for me."
-- Janette Johnson MFT, LCSW, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

"I read half of your book this morning and I couldn't put it down!  The energy coming out of those words
are incredible!  Reading your words (or the Words of the Mother/Father) were so nurturing and
encouraging.  It was like a meditative experience for me!  I know that when I need some words of
encouragement, all I need to do is pick up the book and open to any page and start reading, and I will
get what I need."
--Marguerite DeSelms

“I Finished your book a couple days ago and I can't tell you how I so needed to read your book. It
couldn't have come at a better time for me. ……..I've been starting my mornings by reading your book.
It's been such a great way to start the day. Having trust in myself and my inner guidance has been my
biggest challenge lately and I was very inspired by your words. Your book is so insightful in so many
ways....I want to read it again! I definitely will be referring back to it. In fact, it's on my coffee table for easy
access. I can't wait to read your next book! “
-- Maria Loan

"Wow,such a powerful message. Eleonore's outlook on life is so wonderful. She really has found peace
and joy. After reading her book I'm left wanting to study it more so I can get tuned in to that same
frequency she's on. It's fast and easy to read but so packed with fresh ways to look at life that I want to
keep it as my daily reader. Thanks Eleonore! You've changed me for the better."
-- Leslie Gless

"Divine Feminine energy works through this book.  Just reading a few pages will make you feel
nourished, empowered and whole."
-- Jessica Porter, author of The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics

"Historically I had aborted the feminine.  In reading Seeds of Love something ignited in me and I found a
venue to give birth to the feminine and masculine coming together and uniting within me.  As a result I
became empowered."
--Robert Scullion
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